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From November 3rd through November 9th Burger King's new drive thru menus Well, guess what You want to eat 10,000, Burger kings and locations. Of course they have these predictive selling technology. That allowed for personalized promotions based on things, his previous orders the time of day and even local weather. So if you've ordered from a Burger King before and you get into the driver lane I guess you'll code in or something. And then they will have your order ready for you. Okay, So can you get the water with the onion rings every time I like I, like the dog has announced it is announced. They're all of the men. You will be available beginning next week and includes three drinks the peppermint mocha lattes. Gingerbread lattes on the third drink is the chai Milk Wonderful Sounds sad news was a pumpkin spice flavor wayto the season's over news, Jilly's restaurant in Pikesville. Which has long been a major stop for good tavern Neighborhood bar burned down yesterday three along fire on DH. Jilly's, of course, is we've been there on numerous occasions just down the street. Um, our studios here in Pikesville In years ago, we hold member. We roasted Frank Louver right across the street, The Pikes the which the owner of Jilly's owned at that time, so We would love to see if they are able to rebuild with no word yet on whether they'd be able to do that. But you did the roasting thing. Yes, we did. It was Chuck was in rare form that night. I close this down. That's what that way. There is a video. I'm not sure who has it, but we got to find it and we could put her on a website. But we certainly plan to clean it up a little bit. If it weren't for if it weren't for the blue flu would be roasting Chuck this year, But I have to wait till 2021 before the The truck roast more timeto have more stuff. Exactly. Just more material. We're gathering that as we speak. A lot of folks keep asking me about that judge. When's the Chuck Rose One isn't gonna have time to get together. We'll do it. The stadium someplace we may have to Chuck Rally idea. Kristen Thie gal Pal weighs in A couple appreciated for 10. Wcbm 60 8100 Wcbm 60. Seriously, I'm just getting some emails here. It takes about Republican signs. They're seeing this all over Maryland. What the heck is going on in Maryland? Again. I understand. We talked every Kim Classic here. You don't get any help from the Maryland Republican Party. She had to go to Donald Trump to get help and to raise money over $7 million Maryland Republican Party has done squat. For Kimberly Classic because, as she told us, Jesus Christ wouldn't win the seventh District against crazy. Inform me So What do they do? They wave the white flag of surrender. Okay, let's not battle. Let's not compete. Let's just run it up the old flag pole here, and I'm wondering Bruce isn't the Maryland Republican Party or the Republican apparatus led by you know who locked down Larry That is responsible for again. I don't know what it was, like, Have you early voted on like they're from our listeners this morning. Did you really vote? Have you seen Republican signs anywhere? I'm not talking about people's lawn signs. I'm talking about the signs at the voting centers. And obviously election they would have to wait till next Tuesday. But it just, um is a dearth of Republican signing here or are you just I don't think a single trump Ensign. Yesterday when I voted, not one There's tons of Biden Harris signs Tons of Room A signs but no Trump Pence and one Kimberly Place Excited. One Johnny Resealing sign one. Well, My first question is in the state of Maryland, for all intents and purposes in many districts. There is no competition that Kimberly Place It gets 40% of the vote. I'll be very pleased. The question is, can somebody follow her two years down the road and do the same or better? Within that particular district, a cz far as Trump Pence. I think the chances of from Pence winning this state or any delegates in this state Both etiquette zero, Shawn, I just don't think it's gonna happen. I understand that,.

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