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Go to Miami. We're going to Miami. You ever seen speed But movie? Oh, please don't let this bus dropped below 70 speak their coats. Perfect. Speed kills to be killed both Cliff Branch and the move, you know? Yeah, I think that's a bad rap. I didn't think it was all that bad. Branch was on that bus to okay. Degrees. Ralph Kramden was a bus driver Honeymoon. About this. Hey, you know, it was a hell of a running back in Alabama. He used to ride the bus. Forrest Gump. The bus when he was a kid. I had some tough times on the bus, but it forged a toughness in it up. It could have been a rada. Yeah, I remember my first time would have been a Ranger. Dude gonna react when I saw a little bit of great Raider Bear. Bryant told me about him, but But the New York Giants took him first. Yeah, dude, so yeah. Do this almost opens the door. If we didn't have an NBA draft this week, I'd almost call for a list Three Greatest bus incidents in pop culture history. Polly do I believed it Did long took Deng. Was he on the bus? At some point in 60? No longer song didn't ride the bus, but Molly Ringwald did. And so did Joan Q Sack with the naked, Okay in the face mask and all that for you. Ah, Billy Madison did one of the greatest okay and murder for you Honestly. The NBA draft. If it wasn't for the draft, yet call for a list. I really would well and also more if I got to throw this out, because you would want to know this. I know your whole your personality type. You always want these factories after your incredible meeting with one of the exes of guitar player extraordinaire Billy Gibbons, you should know that one of the great ZZ top songs seriously, it's on their greatest hits one of the great tracks there early tracks. I've been waiting for the bus all day. Okay. There you go. Okay. Marcie, As I told you when I was living in Ireland that pop punk band Fatima mansions with song on Lee, losers Take the bus. Please have mercy but waiting for the bus all day. Overnight Date checks in bus scene in Bull Durham, legendary when when Cosner gives the whole breakdown of what it's like to be in the show. We got a great one fighter planes, trains and automobiles make out with Steve Martin stayed one. Good one. Murph got a big one for you now. Got a big one. This is once for you, Uh, slap shot, dude, it's all right. And we're coming home. The bus Scene. Yeah, maybe the most. The most feel good bus scene of all Polly Hanson brothers. Take a sledgehammer to the bus. Yeah, And they say, why are you doing it? He said making it look me and right. Remember that in the bus with a sledgehammer s So anyway, these are all great examples around. I love a good bus. Why we did it. It's why we took the lab because I am a huge fan of bus culture. I wanted every breed to appreciate our bus. The bus stop. Ridiculous. Next question sucks. My exhaust Andy in different runs on diesel this'll Raydor chief game is now gone. Five star gold plated NFL hype level Really great. It's awful, man. All right, Jim Gray. We'll see if he wrote a bus at any point. His life, Uh, joins us on the other side. Thank God for the Raiders and the Chiefs and John Crews out out the Giants sf Community back in the seventies. Question is ridiculous. You're right. Two candles. State. Maybe there was a bus driver with a snide remark. Paul Coates. I mean, probably go on bachelor party. I believe Tom Hanks is driving a bus. Isn't it? Remember? I don't know. I believe I believe. Yes, I believe in none yet. He says a sister when it all gets out at one point to think he says a sister you want? What do you say we get together after vespers? Remember? There comes another one. Now through the flood gates were opening. I'm remembering now, Murph in a Bronx tale. Robertson Nero drives the bus. Yeah. Yes, Drivers Kramden on and Yeah, yeah. Always like void Going where The weather is going to suit my clothes. Don't walk in here and I believe in Seinfeld Does this end up with Cramer on the bus at the end of the midnight can become absolutely absolutely. I ain't going to no Bellevue. Totally dude. All right. Jim Gray's got a new book out. He's talked to all the ghosts culture. Don't forget it into we could do it tomorrow. I mean, listen, I mean, my bus juices are flowing. Right, because the draft is the drafts Wednesday night, so we're not. I mean, Thursday's the big day to talk about the dread we could call for one tomorrow. You know, it's a lot of money. He breaks him out of it. Don't forget when he breaks him out of the, uh, the bus on the fields at home. Did you take him on the field trip to the boat? They used the bus and a boat on that one man. We already exhausted all of them to. We can't even do a list now in this Billy Madison. Chris Farley is like the lunatic barely right. Pissed on as the bus driver..

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