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At twenty-five Andre Drummond, fifteen points, seventeen rebounds, he lit up the Hornets ninety three seventy five magic arrays the hawks one zero one ninety one kings rock the bulls won twenty nine one zero two and the Knicks flipped by the Lakers. One twenty four one Twenty-three as Mario has Sonia blocked, a LeBron James runner to seal it Nixon of the game on a thirteen to one run to snap. An eight game slide blazers holding their breath a little bit of CJ McCollum is dealing with a spray. Nate will be reevaluated in about a week from the NFL doubt that found a replacement for Ryan tannehill reportedly green serves a journeyman quarterback. It's Patrick on a two year deal. Well guard Nick eastern is reportedly going to the saints for years and twenty four million. I'm Marco balletti. This is Tiki and Tierney. We've got the sports world covered eastern Pacific right here on CBS sports radio. He's after hours with Amy Lawrence for those of you who picked Villanova in your championship brackets, will you? Yes. Michigan ran into a super. Two thousand eighteen champion rap on college basketball. He was a lot of fun to watch. It's over. It's done him. The Tomar the Villanova. Wildcats are the champions the king of the mountain for the second time in three years. Here's Amy Lawrence. Just a few weeks away from one shining moment. Something.

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