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Uhhuh k f tomasz angeles orange county radio station the trail may end here i'm leery perot live from the twenty four hour kfi newsroom police say the woman who led a thorn on a chase from redondo beach to inglewood in a stolen car is wanted felon on probation in three counties the nineteen year old was hospitalized and arrested after she allegedly crashed into a pole and another vehicle late friday nights starting a fire and injuring two other people the un security council is planning to meet in emergency session tomorrow to discuss a suspected poison gas attack in the eastern suburbs of damascus opposition activists and local rescuers say at least forty people have been killed including families found in their homes and shelters the syrian government is denying the allegations calling them fabrications human rights groups and you n officials say the alleged attack is a war crime cambridge analytic christopher wiley says the number of facebook users whose data was taken and share could be higher than the eighty seven million there is a genuine risk that this data has been accessed by quite a few people and it could be stored in in various parts of the world in including russia he says he can't say definitively that the trump campaign used the data collected by facebook but says there is a substantial risk that the data was misused and it's worth a serious investigation while he says it was clear quite clear early on that steve bannon absolutely wanted to use the information for republican and right candidates in the united states only twelve percent of women are confident they will be able to fully end comfortably retire study from transamerica center for retirement suggest one reason for the low number is that women make less than men on average so they save less when they need to be saving more speaking women live longer than men which means we need to be saving even more.

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