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Dr Andrew Pechora is chief innovations officer at Hackensack Meridian health one of the largest teaching and research hospitals in the nation. He's also a world class oncologist working with research universities, like New Jersey institute of technology to revolutionize healthcare. The cross fertilization between academic institutions like NJIT and the life. Science industry is essential the conversions of science as we sit. Here today is the most exciting and dynamic. It's been in the history of man, we're on the verge of quantum computing nanotechnology is real and volving very rapidly. So we can build scaffolding and structures one atom at a time genome editing in stem cell science. These are all parallel tracks that are converged together and change what we understand to be managed. We can now Jeanette it sells and make us if you didn't have a disease NJIT, New Jersey institute of technology. Learn more at storiesofinnovation dot NJIT. T dot EDU. This is a Bloomberg market minute. All electric like tesla priced like a Ford Fiesta been no one's picking up their kids in this car, the solely as the name suggests has just one seat electromechanical as hand building the soda in a tiny Vancouver workshop, but they have more than twenty three thousand preorder to meet that demand. They're going to mass produce with a partner in China. His CEO Jeff Crowe, the vehicle concept was always have a vehicle that could be assembled quickly efficiently and with high quality in under three hours, and that it can electromechanical we saw goosing North America's commuters can seem a taste is against them says Bloomberg intelligence senior analyst, Kevin Tynan seven out of ten of what the consumer is buying as a truck at this point. So the idea of a single seater. I think limits you to a very specific user of the more promising areas could include call sharing and law small delivery DHL seven eleven a ready testing the cause. Ed Lee, Bloomberg radio. What would you say about the firm that supports your advisory practice? I love that. I can call in and get expert advice. I loved that you answer the phone in that I'm not a number. I love the sense of community..

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