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Been court because of him britain william roberts using hit identity to create a precise honor to become a artists and i felt like where i lost respect for william rose lay the rapper is why would you fight him in court over something that everybody in the world by iran sure baath move you are we've talked about a baath guarantee we are going to eat a real boss move would it be like oh g ray false there would have been set with him out of court for that brian perry right been my only with him as the artists i love him but as a person i don't have respect for him so that's modern it at uh what's your position on that through army where rick route between a low on and on about it now respect for me period allround refer it far as i could earn inning a fake being inaugurated macro alone whatever personally arcane biko want right now night fane no hague take away from what he with that way more tenaga but it ain't you know let me and him never it being quickly me and you know oh gamper julio monopoly that he's okay but i can think of nothing that really clear where i could say all yeah i gotta go eat that no you know what i mean it's couple of phones that i won't permit become on the radio but other than that um again prayer the you know ride on after you on that okay here guard next topic we got to talk about this black exum is man black panther roasted almost one billion dollar ruling grossing film of all time now betting town business one up key where is therefore army that's what i'll talk at about it i even though for hero type or movie but would i you off but to try the odd exactly what i'd say i saw it seems odd one regular warnings 3d i'll say to three d one was better but oh my god i um um.

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