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Give me a second opportunity yeah my life to be able to be here we all over. my real family. they always have we now for me. remain there when I went to what happened to me. today was the thank god thank god well that's good for him I hope everything's gonna be okay gets gets life going in the right direction everything's going to be a okay FDA warning of vaping company over claims that its ease cigarette is safer than smoking. folks you ain't seen anything I think this is going to get worse and worse and worse show Ramsey cut I the food and drug administration is ordering tool to stop making unproven claims for its products federal law requires companies to show scientific evidence before marketing tobacco products is a better option and the company has advertisers baby products is being safer alternative to cigarettes you'll have fifteen days to comply with the law the warning coming as more deaths are being reported among the rising number of one disease cases in the US that could be tied to Beiping there been five baby related deaths in the increase in teen years continues to raise concerns for medical experts Joe Ramsey Washington is really interesting claims are being made regarding E. cigarettes are the same claims that were being made regarding tobacco cigarettes back in the day and the tobacco industry completely covered all their bases to hide all the bad news the bad information. and I think we may be seeing something similar going on with this particular product as well KSFO morning show how to tighten up Tuesday the starlight lounge for an evening aggressive. yeah I've got no secrets and no regrets well the letter addressed but the point is I got nothing to hide kind of like the way progressive shows you their competitors rates put it all out..

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