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Yeah. That's right. I mean, yeah, you know. That's what really gets flattened out is like the decisions that our producer or an artist made in what should be up front, and what should be in the back. And you know, what you you know, because everything kinda gets smashed together. Everything's the same volume. Yes. Intially when you. Started. You grew up in Texas, the whole time, you're Texas guy, essentially. Yeah. And were you playing in high school? What was when did it? Start started playing my mom brought me back in a coup sit Qatar for gut string guitar from Mexico, which is the story of just about every us guitar player right now that the gut string classical guitar, right? Yeah. For Mexico, probably costs five dollars or something. But it made this crazy sound. And so I started playing with it. Yeah. And EV also the one interesting thing since we're back there the first song I learned to play was while would flour may Bill Carter while would flour. And that's that turns out it's just about every rock and roll guitar player learned to play guitar from may Bill mother may Bill. Really? Yeah. I don't I don't know that one because I'm a different generation, maybe, but I don't even know who she is. Well, she was the she was the. Daughter. She was one of the Carter. Okay. Got it. So yeah. The extended Carter family AP pop Carter. Yeah. His his wife was Sarah. And then I think may Bill was was she the mother she I think she was dog the mother now, she was called mother may Bill. So yeah throws a country folk what Appalachian trip. Yeah. That's right. And and that's what you earn. I. Yeah. Because that's just what everybody learned that was like the step one laid the original groove. That was the first track you recorded in your brain. She grooved like a mother essay. It is so okay. So you do in that with your gut guitar, and what year we talk and when did rock and roll ruin your brain. You know, I think the first rock and roll record. I bought was a Ricky Nelson song call waiting in school. And I think that's where I I connected with rock and roll was on the Ozzie and Harriet show really because at the end of every show Ricky Nelson would come on and size and he killed. He was James Burton was the Qatar player monster guitar, and so but before that what was being played in the house. What was what in chanted you well downstairs by parents had a seventy eight collection that had been retired. Oh, two. And there was a seventy eight player and shelves of seventy eight sauce listening to to kellington Greis strong and Cole porter and Ella..

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