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Things that i like about your house is that it has a very wide ranging view of a of of an area of nor seattle. One of the reasons. You chose that location. It's true we It's a beautiful part of the world up here because you've got you've often got no matter which way you look here. You've often got snowcapped mountains backing water water and then leafy trees and pines. It's really nice. I was last week. We went down to the bay area into marin county and tried to pick a place with scenic views and it was lovely. We had a great time but we got home. And yesterday i was just walking my dogs in seattle and i was like you know what this view of puget sound here is actually better than what i was paying for in marin. It's a lovely part of the world. And i like when we bought the house. I really was trying to find someplace where i could look out and see. I kind of wanted the view we had as a kid. My parents bought this house in edmonds north of town. That had then an amazing view. And now i think one hundred eighty degree view of the olympics. 'cause they chop donald the trees. Or why is that. Why is improved since then. I think a lot of trees have come down in thirty years since we lived there And i just loved that view or crazy about that but like six weeks after they closed on that house. My dad cable promotion said. Hey i got an offer to go. Take a job in korea. Oh yeah we hardly ever. We hardly got to enjoy the view. But we when we bought this house in north seattle. I was really kinda looking for mountains water out but the but you're facing the opposite direction. I facing west cascades. You'd think the cascades would be the big ticket attraction and you can see ranier from the deck but For some reason i think is it distance. Why do the olympics seem to loom bigger on the horizon. The cascades do from seattle. 'cause the sun hits them earlier in the day right does. The sun is hitting the face of the olympics day whereas the cascades. It's only sort of in the after. That is one problem that we we get. We do not get sunset in our view. Whatever you can say about. Rv which is very nice the sun. We know we'll never set into it and if it does something's gone terribly wrong. Yes because it's facing east flip. A and if i were a morning person and maybe i would just love being energized by getting up enjoying the beautiful sunrise but i have yet to see it willingly. Have you ever stood on your balcony with your camera and done up. A full tried started all the way to the left in and work your way all the way to the right trying to capture the whole thing in one frame. I'm very i. I never know if i'm doing it right. Because you have to drag it across in the phone is recognizing the movement of the imagery is stitching it together and i always feel like awesome. It's going to happen my hands gonna jiggle and there's gonna be a new mountain right or somebody's face is smeared out. There are some car will appear twice But i've played with it a little bit of fun. What do you do with the aspect ratio is terrible for anything you would ever want to look at her display anywhere so well. Here's the thing. I do panoramic photos all the time. I have never ever looked at one. But i do it. As a with the assumption that archival there will be a day. When i can go back kind of like my dad's slide shows. I'll have. I'll have some Surround theater or a. i'll have a cinerama in my own home. And i can go back and look at all these pictures that i took of grand central station. You think the technology will finally catch up with panorama phones. Yeah and we'll all have. We'll be like that weird circular theater they used to have in tomorrowland disneyland where they would project the grand canyon all around you. That's actually what our show is about. What yeah tomorrowland. It's not about tomorrowland. But it's about that technology. I just wanna say. I don't think you'll ever look at those pictures. Well that's the problem right. I mean. I don't want to do the thing where i take where i try to capture an entire scene by taking multiple pictures across the across the field then eventually i dunno stitching them together. What was the eighty s or ninety s version of that is you. Would you print the print different prints then kind of put them together on your bulletin board. It's so weird. Yeah and that's cute. I mean that's kind of that's that's very i remember. Yeah right. that was something that that fancy girls with. Bob haircuts had in the in the entry way of their dorm room because they didn't have a pinterest board yet. Whatever i bought a big coffee table book right at the wrong time because it was like early. Two thousands a huge coffee table book of aerial photographs of new york city. And it was all stuff that have been digitally spliced together and you can absolutely see instances where buildings are if the perspective is screwed up and they duplicated or smash together angles not quite right and it was only a couple of years later where they had figured out how to do it and stitched together but i have this giant coffee table book. I'm not gonna throw it away. I mean there's no reason to throw stuff especially nowadays that it's not sitting under a bed. Even it's just out in the cloud but.

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