China, Las Vegas, Congressman Henry Clay discussed on Laura Ingraham


Doing on weekends going to be on. Congressman Henry clay. Thanks so much. It's news time on the new one zero one five seven twenty m k DWA good morning. I'm John Shafer. A man was shot and killed by Las Vegas metro police after they responded to a domestic disturbance at a home on BelAir drive in the Las Vegas country club officers were outside talking to a woman who was a victim of domestic battery when an irate man with a gun came out of the house. He was confrontational with the officers waving the gun around officers shot him several times he died at the scene. No one else was injured as farmer says his industry would suffer from not doing business with China. His administration's looking at jacking tariffs on nearly all imports from China from pacify years tuna. He says businesses can avoid the booths. They get by someplace else other than China. Maybe factors might be able to do that. But Brett Davis says it's not that easy for fellow farmers. We have spent forty years. Making a trade partner with China Davis grow. Soybeans wheat and corn in Ohio losing China's a customer would be rough. That's very scary for us as as the American farm saga megani? Washington Alabama governor Kay Ivey will now decide.

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