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All right to the first team i was surprised at how well they came out if the clippers at you know almost forty nine wins on average we shouldn't far off what they managed last season with chris paul in up and it's interesting some other statistical projections out there the shania model which and i'm not publishing because of the fact that it's not been his accurate historically and then also uh andrew johns than as his own projections that he's been posting on twitter both of those even have the clippers higher than forty nine win so uh there's a lot of uh a high degree of universality in their strong projections that i think universality and nice you know they lost chris paul and you know he was one of the leaders in the nba and rpm last season that they've really upgraded their depth by getting you know several rotation players for him patrick beverley lou williams see him decker possibly mantras harold depending on what happens with him in willie read this backup centers in la and then also you know went out and got to neil gallinari and free in a signing trade uh that it lost jamal crawford who is really very poorly last season by rpm um meelis tear dosage looks like he could come in and be you know about a league average player play some give them some good minutes is backup point guard so you take out the clippers now going nine or ten deep whereas in the past you know it's been such a struggle for them whenever their starters haven't been on the court so i think that's why they came out better than i expected um be more you're gone you wanna jump in a clippers here's my question did you feel like the numbers can accurately represent just how much better are presumably chris paul makes everyone else is is that is that be captured in his absence are we are we going to downgrade deandre jordan in particular because not playing crespigny more than two the numbers not bear that out.

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