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Family was inside the helmet including three children the rate williams helped his mother and siblings get out of the hacker is lucrative were mothers wrote a robot who for warning or be you know where you throw on the is fully damage the clause remains under investigation by does not appear to be suspicious detroit police say a person died after their car lost control hit a tree and burst into flames according to police an older model gold cadillac deville was traveling north ban on mound near rupert when it lost control that's when it struck a tree and burst into flames it's right police and the detroit fire department arrived in extinguished the flames but the first inside was pronounced dead at the scene they have not been able to identify the driver i knew sign along the detroit hamtramck border our welcoming people to bangladesh and is causing controversy amongst them community members who disagree with its wording something galle americans they argue the sign has words and symbols that do not accurately represent their community the science showed an image of a man riding a rickshaw and red attach of south asian hospitality some people believe the rickshaw represent in a low income worker detroit mayor mike duggan was on hand to help unveiled the new welcome sign that had been noticeably spray painted over into corners some angry residents spoke with channel seven new that doesn't under president our community that doesn't it but then our charity sean as civic group who raise money to install the sign said they planned to work their differences out and install a new sign hillary clinton will be in detroit said next week coming up this week rather wjr's gene fogel has detail former democratic presidential nominee will be in ann arbor tuesday night it's part of a nationwide tour and support of her new book what happened glenn says it's behind the scenes look at our campaign and the november two thousand sixteen lost donald trump she's the speak tuesday night at seven o'clock at hill auditorium you must register for the.

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