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It was like Scottie Barnes versus Fred van vliet, who's going to get more points in the game and now you won't have to worry about any raptors betting for the rest of the year, but those who do like the NBA can certainly find a whole lot to bet on. I mean, it's been, you know, when people talk about Canada for hockey being crazy here and our biggest sport that's been bad on since we launched by far basketball. People, people love to bet on basketball. And so that can't be ignored. I think it's because there's so much scoring. You know, you talk about live betting. You know, lots of people, you could take a team that's an 8 point underdog. And during the game, you could get the other team as an 8 point underdog, and you're sitting pretty. And you're hoping it lands somewhere within 8 points. What question? The play in stuff. Is that the Z grab interest? As opposed to what might be just a tail end of the regular season. Of course I'm trying to connect it to hockey and what that might be. Yeah, well, it's a good point, right? Because here we are, there's still games to be played in the NHL schedule and we're not talking about it. So yeah, I think baseball started it with the wild card and the play in games and the one game playoffs. I think anytime you get a game that matters, highlighted on the schedule, it's going to increase betting. There's no doubt about it. I don't think that the casual recreational better is looking at tonight. The leafs at MSG and is saying, I'm getting in on this game, 'cause you don't know who's playing. You don't know what the motivations are and all these things. So it kind of gets left alone. So yes, absolutely. From betting perspective, Morgan games that matter more highlighted games always going to attract more attention. Good deal. All right, abs, thanks for doing this.

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