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Love this podcast. Support this show through the cast supporter feature. It's up to you how much you give. And there's no regular commitment. Just click the link in the show description to support now and welcome to new episode of digital coffee. and i'm your host spread deisler. We could please subscribe to digital coffee on broadcast. Google podcasts spotify and amazon music in review. I mean how. I'm doing really helps me out and also go to digital coffee dot tv and sign up for the newsletter to get up to most date thing you can get from digital coffee anyways this week. We're gonna be talking about game delays lucasfilm games. I'm basically making fun of that. And other interesting things that are going on. Twenty twenty one which some interesting things that came out and making fund raiser and their mask because basically hilarious anyways. Let's move on to well cheating news. So right and bungy have basically formed a joint legal action against cheaters because cheaters always suck specially when you're trying to play games in the chew even though this is a little bit more prevalent in china and it's allowed more in china it's still just sucks from the come over and bike a here and it just awful. Nobody likes cheaters. It ruins the game. It also just ruins the company's bottom line and also hurts them because people bench league. You tired give up because they just don't want to deal with cheaters anymore. So i get why they're trying to do more legal action us more of breaching contract type of legal action so that can actually go against these people and actually get some monetary compensation and also just hurt their business in general because their business is basically to circumvent whatever they need to actually get this. So it'll be interesting to see what actually happened with this. But i'm glad that there's some type of legal action coming from some developers now waiting for dice. Do actually our ea to do something. Actually curb of this. But they haven't really done much which makes battlefield just unplayable most of the.

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