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The South Pole? I did not now. You're you're pretty much just base personnel right. Yep and after hearing the stories of people from poll. I don't think I WANNA go. Oh really got off a cold. There are well. Yeah but you're already like so freaking cold. How does get the average temperature in the summer? There is in the summer is like native twenty-five negative thirty okay and then in the winter you can hit native sixteen nine negative seventy. That sucks right. You're where you're at is basically sea level Yup and seven hundred miles north of the South Pole whereas the South Pole station is like eight thousand feet above sea level literally on the poll that Oh wow I didn't realize it was that high on two miles of ice. That's awesome so more like ten thousand feet. Yeah Oh that's like nine ninety seven hundred feet something like that noise. Wow that'd be frigging that'd be cold in a temperate region. Yeah wow what's interesting is at the South Pole. Hardly get any real wind because of the way that the Polar weather works. The wind comes down at the poll from the atmosphere right so brings cold air. But it's moving very fast. It's only when it passes the Transit Antarctic granges when it picks up speed. Oh as it's going across the plateaus it picks up speed interesting. Yeah so we'd have fifty sixty wins in the polls got like seven. I hate you guys. You know. But they're still colder fifty sixty knot winds so we're talking like hurricane force. You know because not a big deal. Fifty knots really liking it. It's pretty windy out right. And what was your job like? They're so I'm electricity. There and our job was to make sure that things didn't break got fixed when they broke our.

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