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Football, Denzel Ward, Mayfield discussed on NBA Playoffs


One huge pig for john dorsey the new gm in cleveland who spoke on draft night what he saw in baker mayfield and the moment he made that call i see baker mayfield and baker mayfield excited you know what he was when we call them up on the phone and i'll say this i'm going to bear some more here's how humble he was actually in tears you were so excited i mean that that's ten media speaks vibes of how much he cares and how passionate is he is about this game oh god that question just drives me up a wall how far you're you're so lazy that you don't watch baker mayfield and just watch him game to game like i am as a college football fan of watching him in oklahoma just because he runs around is a little bit lit when he plays in a prize excitement doesn't make him johnny manziel doesn't make him brett farve how 'bout he's just baker mayfield comp cop baker mayfield howard baker mayfield in oklahoma versus baker mayfield brown let's do the cop there yeah i mean john dorsey had the packers history you know spending a lot of time in their front office so i think i understand where that was going but look baker mayfield's going to carve out his own his own legacy in cleveland now here's a quarterback that obviously is excited about being the browns quarterback we heard some some groans from the sam darnold josh rosen of the world about playing in cleveland you didn't get that from baker mayfield john dorsey did not get let go and kansas city jonathan because of his poor drafting he was let go because of his poor bedside manner because he released player on voicemail so this guy drafted very well in kansas city so he takes mayfield one with cleveland and then denzel ward.

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