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That's the first thing, the second thing is it gets a little technical of technical detail. So we'll, we'll be good understand, how do lobs. Go about testing snips to stick with the sniffs for the time being you. See you genes can be looked. Let's say your jeans or the individual instructions the individual paragraphs in your operating manual. Okay. And within that paragraph. We all have we all should have two copies of any given power graph because of course, the miracle the awesome miracle of the human genome, is that it is deployed, we have two copies of the operating manual, you know, when you think of any coup piece of Gaza tree that you buy you only expecting to get one manual with it. You know, you're not gonna expect to have to almost identical copies of the manual yet with the human being. We've got to all. Most identical copies of the human manual any given time any paragraph, and he discreet instruction. And he discreet gene, that is going to be expressed the body, the cells gonna take a look at those two copies of the gene, one for mom, one from dad and make a determination as to which if the two copies, you'll sell is going to express their some basic phenomena defines. Are you going to express mums copy of gene Dodds copy of the gene, all you're going to express both of them and have a hybrid outcome? No. Of course snips come into play in than they are these spelling variations in the two copies the to power graphs. Okay. We'll when we go about testing snips at the laboratory level. What we're doing. We've gotta find a way to quote unquote, read the paragraphs and look for these variations will differs at a laboratory level is how many paragraphs is a test designed to query side. Simultaneously? He see some tests, the tested we for example, Dina company that we design we look at fewer paragraphs at any given Poynton time, because y the mole paragraphs that you simultaneously, try to query simultaneously. Try to look for these spelling errors the greater risk, there is that one paragraph starts to look like another, and we can get some cross talk we can get some full symphony, we can get some full negatives false positives in regard to the sniff that we're looking for. So now to summarize the technology for determining detecting these spelling differences. These snips is amazing across the board really slips there machineries that you can buy, you can run this garage. If you really wanted to, and you can be pretty confident in the results, you're getting, that's not the issue the issue here. Ben is the design of the test. How many genes are you looking at simultaneous? How many paragraphs in this twenty two thousand gene, manual? Are you attempting to query simultaneously keeping in mind that the more that you query simultaneously? There's a greater chance of our. So I think that's where it comes in. It comes into the design of the test the size of what you're looking for not not to say anything, the functional relevance of what you're looking for that. We'll talk about later on. Maybe. And then, of course, all you don't looking just spelling errors are you looking deletion errors are you looking at grammatical errors, these type of things that influence one test being different from another two? So when you say query simultaneously, d, you mean for example, if, if you're looking at one specific gene, rather than interpreting that gene in isolation. Actually interpreting it in terms of how it might interact with the other genes, so by query here we was speaking of the initial phys. Ical DA platform the PC, our platform of that, gene. So when you refer to query as interpretation that comes later, what I was referring to you. See there's an actual, molecular reaction think of attested think of that test, you having your DNA, DNA sample, an all going to do in that one test tube is, I'm going to go in using technology that will find one gene one predetermined Jean Anne. I'm going to ask on their any variations in that one predetermined, gene in your entire manual verses that I can take test you with your DNA all if your DNA and I can run in parallel. I can run a query. I can determine the sequence in the presence of irradiation's. Not just one, gene. I can do it for five genes, simultaneously twenty gene simultaneously. That's what I was referring to the more the number of genes. You try to scan..

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