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Way what eight hundred two eight three one on what buoyed five through talking about it all week last week since it happen the school shooting of parkland this word threats to jersey schools walkouts in jersey school this morning it was cherry hill east they were upset because the teacher was suspended for confiding this dude was that he didn't feel safe in this whole to what do we do to make our school saved his abortive education meeting down there tonight we will keep you posted audit cabins on it thereby what's abbot of vow hurry girl how are you could store your good record it on i take it to no brainer i'm smarter solution is used in the national guard already train oh god every single state and it it's not the first time at the national guard would be i at schools with rifles i mean do have to act now there's some place all that exgolf with the schools or stateless stated there but isn't that a parttime job i mean don't they have other jobs during the week and they go out like once a month and called duty yeah you okay i'm actually keep them on full time we won't do whatever is a of schools well there are these that's maybe they'll get your heavy school but don't get the majority of them gotta get him you've got to do something we get him to every school every day for thanks for the call me that's about the whole idea of up in the security jobs woodbridge on new jersey wanna 15 hey hagia hey how you doing good i wish you good um i don't know if this was brought up before but i've got a pretty good idea what if we give all the teacher's case cases now the novelty pulling out there like stunned guys but you can be thirty feet away inspire room and they um they stein who was a hundred thousand two hundred thousand volts on a wire known i get that but you have to be able to says it's because he teaches have the ts are on the right on their persian they'll tyler said car well now like a gun you could put it glue gun a lock box in every room to and travel nategh items that you got to get the key the a lock box in the box law forget about the.

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