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That's good today is August twenty first twenty eighteen. We are doing back to back podcast because we are the hardest people in the soccer media in the world, really. And today we are drinking flag Ruth, the truth, the Paul Pierce of beers. Flying dog, the truth, imperial it is eight point, seven percent alcohol, and it's pretty tasty for an eight point. Seven, yeah, this is my favorite beer company, beer brand beer distributor, whatever you wanna call them. They're called flying dog. They raging bitch PA. They make the truth. Obviously they make the blood orange and I love their beer. They make strong as beer and it tastes delicious during the truth today, Paul Pierce today and just so you y'all know, they put this on the back of the beer full disclosure, this beer came to fruition because we saw gap in our portfolio and we wanted to increase our market share. And you know what? If you're going to name the beer, the truth, you might as well tell the truth, and that's exactly what they did. I'm having this an eight point seven out of ten just like they're like countdown that dumb ass commercials, the truth truth. I'm going to give the listen eight point. It to. I like it. I like you quite a bit and for a strong beer. That's an e point seven where if I had like four or five of these, I'd be like, oh, feeling pretty good, goes down pretty easy. So my favorite thing about this, it's always yummy. Give you the truth right now. Martin, I'm giving an eight point two. Anyway, guys. Welcome in. It is EPL week recap number two and is brought to you by flying dog, of course. And stadium seen dot TV. We'll tell you about them guys later a little bit more before we get to that. Before we tell you about the man city obliteration of hunters field who are still going to win the league brightens, Martin obliteration of Manchester United was only one goal. It's all right. Go different tool. Beat us go, differential is good. I don't think the rest of the game really. Arsenal losing in heartbreak, the Chelsea, shocker and Tottenham with a comfortable win and liberal with a comfortable win. Well, no, it was more hard-fought. But before we get into our EPO week to recap, there is. You know some drama going on in the soccer world specifically with Martin's team Manchester United me. No Riley, Ryo LA ravioli me. No rial competent commented on Paul schools, old school z. and said, his first tweet said, some people need to talk for fear of being forgotten. Paul schools wouldn't recognize a leader if he was in front of Sir. Winston Churchill juris that shit. Okay. Are we going? We're going to address the first tweet. All right, mino- you're sweating me ball. You Italian piece of fucking garbage. You keep that legends name out of your fucking mouth skulls. E is one thousand times the man that you will ever be me. No. And I told Kevin, this beforehand, I told Kevin, this midday today, Paul Scoles has reached limits has won. Medals has achieved bins that Paul pug has never even come close to breaking for Manchester United. Yeah, Paul Pago wanna World Cup medal, but we're talking about the EP. Oh, we're talking about club fucking teams. And from my recollection pub Hauge was in the one who won Manchester United eight fucking English Premier League titles under Sir, Alex pug bullish ship. The folk off to vent is because his attitude was the problem. Me no rally older. Ravioli, yes, this is probably the most fuller statement that you have ever made pulse goals isn't the Winston Churchill of leaders. You got that God, damn right pulse. Goals is the fucking metronome behind every single Manchester United attack him and gigs word in tandem to make sure every single attack flowed out of the midfield to the forwards. Paul Scoles was the instrument behind the ticking machine of Manchester United. Paul Scoles was able to find someone with the fifty yard bolt ball. Paul scores was able to rip volleys from thirty yards out in pinpoint accuracy. Paul Scoles never said a bad word about Manchester United. Paul schools never bitched about the media. Paul Scoles never had his agent fucking Tate charge and say words for him. Paul Scoles is a God damn Manchester United legend and me, no..

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