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Good the news with gene grad. We have some breaking news that brigham breaking jar. How is it it. Yeah mommy's st just fresh tomato right. It's it's different. It's better so all my vote. Bring back some more gravy so yeah. Chris handed me this a few minutes ago. And we will definitely keep our i on this from. Tmz blues traveler had a scary moment on. It's travels the band tour. Bus has crashed on an interstate. Several band members were rushed to the hospital A rep for the band tells. Tmz their bus crash this morning in minnesota on their way to friday's to her stop and the crash. Everyone inside trapped until law enforcement and first responders arrived. The band was on the way to rochester minnesota. The single vehicle crashed left. Everyone shaken while a few including frontman. John popper were injured and treated up hospital. Minnesota state police say the two of us lost control on. I ninety crashed into a center. Median ditch resulting in non-life-threatening injuries for three passengers. John was live posting about the crash on facebook saying he injured his ribs and another bandmates suffered a dislocated shoulder. Is also the bus in chris for just talking to john on the way out to Pebble beach God less than a week ago. Right around yeah right around a week ago. yeah imagine. A cracked rib is bad for singing and harmonica playing stephen. Yes playing with a cracked rib. Yeah yeah well. I don't find out how the ap reports that a man who claimed to have a bomb pickup truck near the capital surrendered to law enforcement after this hour's long san like five hours. Gimme my phone. If you give my phone. I'll i'll send a techs john. We'll see what he replies to the he was happy to tell me that They had the number one. Blues album in the united states is good so police didn't immediately know whether this guy really had explosives today But authorities were searching the truck in an effort to understand what led this guy forty. Nine year olds floyd ray roseberry of north carolina to drive onto the sidewalk outside the library of congress and start making these bomb threats The police continue these negotiations video. Surfaced of this guy on facebook live. It was like a half hour long. I'll have a little clip for you. He was threatening explosions. Making anti-government threats talking about what he believes. The ills of the country position on afghanistan healthcare the military. He's a democrats need to step down but he also loves the president. Joe biden wants to talk to him. here's a less than a minute of the clip from the original. Facebook live video zama patriot a love slam da. Aslan smart grandbabies had riots. I had.

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