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All about Toronto where where does Toronto's stand in the ranking of important festivals? I think Toronto in my humble opinion. I think Toronto is absolutely crucial. I just think it occupied. It's come to occupy the place in the fall season that really does kind of kick off award season, which is code for movies for the rest of us. You know, the movies that a lot of live for all year long and it comes on the heels of Venice and tell you ride, and a lot of the movies that have premiered at Denison telluride then come here and all of the talent comes. And I was just looking at my Chris screening scheduled for the next few days and absolutely floored by how many really promising films there are here. I mean, it's absolutely just dust with incredible looking stuff. I'm already getting a five that a star. Born is getting the Royal treatment up there and that Bradley Cooper and the stars or coming. And is that your sense. Yes. I think that has a lot of eager anticipation. I man is another one. The Ryan Gosling, Neil Armstrong movie directed by Damian. Chazelle has a lot of wind at its back coming from Venice and tell you telluride. We have new movies from Barry Jenkins Beale street could talk. We have Steve mcqueen's new movie, widows, viola Davis. We have a hassle of political documentaries. I'm actually going to go to dinner late with Mr. Michael Moore Moore. We're gonna be seeing his new movie about Trump era politics, and there's a Steve Bannon documentary from Earl Morris. We have f Lonzo Koran. My all time save has Rolla..

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