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Home characters that you love we're just one of you he's lived in the us since he was 10 uh his parents brought him here hoping to get the status of asylum they came from the ivory coast and in africa they didn't get asylum so that means that he and his parents our undocumented beacause and and by the way this does happen they were featuring on public radio earlier today the case of some mexicans who had come to the country legally but were unable to get their visa extended did not get permanent resident status and then didn't go back so they overstayed their visa their illegal their daughter who was brought here when she was six is illegal and that she basically had the lie to get into architecture school she's now an architect and she did sign up for dhaka and she is facing deportation as our as eight hundred thousand other people who signed up for dhaka and look at eu can say that people are playing this in a deliberately misleading way because if you have eleven million illegals who were living in this country and you have eight hundred thousand who have signed up for dhaka what you can do the math you're you're talking about far below ten percent of the total however it does highlight the need for some kind of congressional action which president trump has asked for any hands to try to do something to protect people like this a tv star bomba jim bothma like the architect who was featured on national public radio and by the way if you think they're just die the can't get any more intense than this then what we're having today just wait just wait because one of the things the democrats are threatening to shut down the government of ballot is the need for some kind of action.

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