President Trump, Stephen Miller, Zoe Chase discussed on Slate's The Gist - The Scaramucci Tapes


President trump endorsed a steep cuts in legal immigration on wednesday economists say that's a grave mistake washington post survey of 18 economists in july found that eighty nine percent believe it's a terrible idea for trump to curb immigration to the united states sea trump couldn't do the plan that might be hard but would help the economy that would appeal to yes his base but also the business community and democrats as well instead he had to float a stupid unrealistic draconian cut that will appeal to ciro democrats that will turn off the business community and that will only appeal to his base well this base likes it they got a policy proposal that will give them cheer that is almost no chance of turning into law in the real world why why does this go on because we're living in something of a calcul stock resi definition of which his government by the stupidest and least leastqualified stephen miller by the way is not stupid and he's not unqualified he just unqualified to govern its government by the least qualified the guy's qualified to make very cutting arguments he in fact all the people in the administration just don't have the skills to actually get an agenda past stephen miller can get his people dancing in the streets or in the streets more cosmopolitan locales the reverse on the show today i know what you're asking yourself with their skara mucci but to understand where the merge might go from here and he is having a press conference slash online town hall tomorrow we need to understand where he's coming from so i got zoe chase in here because she interviewed him back when he was a potential republican donor looking for a vessel and i'm gonna talk to zoe and we're going to play the tapes of those interviews this one this was for the true scaramucci complete list but i know you're out there this whole thing goes on for some length such as the complexity and majesty of scaramucci so i will count with your about here as both our interview and our spiel so now enjoy the education of anthony scaramucci a blossoming as told in three movements d d d d d d d d d.

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