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You gotta make a comment. A little bit. But he's gonna make a comment move over. Al Davis murph's Romo is join the conversation. You have the comment coast for the crowd that just got out of their car. Just got in the car. He sat down with Bonnie, Jill. And I don't think it's this day and age you can't say this to the latest candy something I'd do, but he's also not gonna correct Charles HALE right here is going to observe buddy. Jo gorgeous. Hey might be cold outside. But in a Heidi. Hello. I told you what Jim. So anyway, so. The Wall Street Journal has taken the phenomenon that has swept America which is Tony Romo predicting every play at critical moments, and they sifted through ready for this forty six hours of Tony Romo footage to review every play. He calls got time for that. That's insane. So they went up to and told them we watched two thousand five hundred ninety nine place. Roma said, you gotta be kidding me. They said, no. And he actually saved most of his predictions for late in the year for playoff games. He's like a big time. He's like a like a big time player saves his best Klay Thompson shooting game six at Oklahoma City. So I said he kind of eased any actually made it a total of seventy two predictions this year. And he they asked him. They said, what do you think your success rate was and Tony Romo very modest, man. He said, I don't know twenty one percent. Wow. They said, no, you were correct. Sixty eight percent of the time. Hello. According to the Wall Street Journal. He's like is that good? Or is that bad? They said, let's put it this way. It's higher than Tom Brady's completion percentage. This year. Wow. That's pretty good. And then they said he saved his best work for the AFC championship. He made eleven predictions in fourth quarter and overtime alone. You could sense it. He was just getting I again, Klay. Thompson gave him the ball. Your check this out. The NFL network has been replaying that I recommend checking now is pretty cool because they edit out all the dead spots. And all of the a lot of the huddle stuff has taken such just play play play. And they condense it to a two hour program. And the funny thing about Romo in the AFC championship cope. He was mellow for the first two three quarters. He was pretty children's complementing Nance. Yeah. Jim I see what's going on. And then by the time the fourth quarter gets underway. The back and forth in the scoring it became a shootout. That's when he started getting excited, and I kind of that makes me like Romo even a little more because he's like a regular, dude. Like me or you like where he's doing his job for three-quarters, then he just got excited, and I can't blame him because it was an unbelievable game. And then an OT, Murph. Not he was he was he was off his ass. He's a we he's he's at. His best. When the game is biggest there. And so they said when he just said general runner pass he hit on seventy six percent of those. But when he would actually predict where the ball would go the rate dropped to sixty five percent now that now that everybody's shining a light on this. Do you think that he'll feel more compelled to make predictions on the question? He's known as a predictor. Now. He's like, well, that's part of my thing. Do I have to keep doing? There's an interesting thing. So you might want to pay particular attention, again, this is the Wall Street Journal to win. The patriots have the ball. He's particularly hot in calling out the pats. His his rate jacks up to almost seventy percent. How do I smell with other scandal? Now romo. Placate film gate Romo gate. That's exactly right. That is too good. So anyway. Yeah. I I do think it'd becomes a little bit of a thing where it's might be in his head a little bit. Like do. I should I am I over predicting a my under predicting should I crank them up. He's got a little pressure on them. Now. Now as a pressure on Steph when he shoots, wait a minute. What's up? I'm just saying like he's like a shooter like well. Don't don't think just do. Yeah. Yeah. That's your best advice for all of us for all of us. Don't overanalyze just go to cope. I think it was during your show today. We're if I totally forgot about the speaking of patriots scandals there've been so many over the years, filming the guys practice Deflategate. I've forgotten how many over all really have. I forgot about the fact that Brady destroyed his cell phone, dude. I totally the mafia. Yeah. Where's the phone? The phone is now you're actually destroyed a cell phone now. What was on the phone forget incriminating text. Yeah. They thought maybe he had like directed. The ball boys to deflate balls or something like that. It was all part of the investigation. So you've got a replay that that sound from Monday night when he says the Goff. You know, I'm not going to give them any advice. There's a guy. Shooter. Yeah. It's funny. When I did my Ireland hit they were asking about that. They're like Brian is the legacy still stained phonology cheating scandal. So I was like man, I I said to be honest Brady sort of outlasted him he's still goes out there. And he has to do it cheat. Or no cheat. I mean, you still got to beat the opponent. And somehow he keeps doing right, right, right? All right. Hey, I teased a couple of forty Niners things. I mean this like behind the scenes stuff, but you know, with rich scannon Garoppolo gone the new quarterback coach the guy who found Nick Mullins Nick in a box. So we got to have a new Jimmy G whisperer. And it looks like they're homing in on hiring. A guy named Shane day. Shane day. This is important stuff guys. Because this is the guy is going to be bringing Jimmy G. He and Jimmy G are going to be bunking together. You know what I mean? So he's a former a dolphins tight ends coach. He spent some time with the bears as a QB coach university of Connecticut. Twenty twelve in two thousand thirteen he was with the Redskins assistant o line coach two thousand fourteen fifteen and then he was an offensive quality control coach with the Niners back in. Oh, seven zero nine that was Nolan and single Terry. Right. Yeah. So anyway, get to know him Shane day. And then the other one is the Niners are looking for a new receivers coach. Yeah. Because they they made microflora they're they're passing game. I have to ask and they're bringing in for an interview Wes Welker. Hey, that's interesting. Wes Welker who they're saying. In the ultimate comparison is well great. He can go coach Trent Taylor because any guy who's five eight and white is Wes Welker right, by the way. Oh, sorry about that misfire. So I was gonna say, you know, what that's anybody who's a product of that that patriot coaching system though. I'd be interested to hear what he had to say. You might have some good insights a little change in the Niners staff coming your way. And also a a new Mark came out on NFL dot com. But come on guys are just throwing it against the wall. But just for the hell of read the mock this guy. NFL dot com. Had the Niners taken Rashawn Gerry. The pass rusher out of Michigan come on down. Gary. He was a big high school recruit for Jim Harbaugh. Jersey pollyanna jury what town do you know? I get it back to you on that one union football watch out ninety five says what you guys are saying is don't don't overanalyze just shoot your shot. That was Charles Haley today. That's what nine to five. That's pretty funny twain Kuyper is going to join us on the other side look forward to it can't be our six eighty sports ELO..

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