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So that would put him at five and three. At the Jets win right should be a win six and three. Baltimore. I give my loss six and four. That game is in New England, but, yeah, I agree with you there at Houston. Jim Irwin, seven and four Arizona Should be 18 and four Chargers. Should be win nine and four. Grams. Go loss. It's in L. A Nine and five. Miami. You know the Dolphins? Is it in Miami? They always give you beat him earlier in the year to go nine. So then go nine and six. Then they play the Jets. They played Buffalo, which already gave him a split when they put the Jets So you probably say when that's 10 and six that division is going to be close. I think a lot of people since the Pats or two and two and the whole camp covert situations you anticipate Cam is going to be back on Sunday. I don't know if that's for sure. But that's what you would anticipate. They get Gilmore and Cam back. But who knows with the complications? So and look, the Tennessee barely missed anyone tonight as well. That division is going to be a fun division and real quickly when we do the landscape of the divisions. So the FCC is between the bills in the Pats. The SEC West. The Chiefs are definitely going to win that division. The North. Steelers, Ravens and Browns that could go either way. I don't think the Browns will win that division Browns have a big game up against the Steelers that would still probably say it's between the Steelers and the Ravens. But I like the Browns to make the playoffs this year. The South. It's a two team race, Tennessee and the cults. You would probably go Tennessee right now. The Colts I just can't trust them with Philip Rivers each and every week. You don't know what Philip Well, you know what Philip rivers going to show up? Is he going to go win them A game this year, eh? Do you have any confidence from now on to the end of the season? As you would anticipate with them. There's going to be a lot of close games, right? Yes, absolutely. You think he goes on three game winning drives this year? Who I would probably say no, To be honest, I can't. He's shown nothing so far. So I'm gonna say no and their schedule Bangles. Lions Ravens Tennessee Packers. Tennessee Texans. Raiders. Texan Steelers Jaguars may be up against the bad teams, he gets it done. You shouldn't need a game winning drive you up against a bad team. So the only division that is really decided in my opinion in the FC so far or the two I know it's not impossible for the Colts will win it, But even you as a Colts fan, you would anticipate Tennessee, right? Or you're not ready to go that I'm still not ready to go there. Okay, That's fine. I would put Tennessee is the favorites in the clubhouse for sure. Not ready. Say it's over yet. No, I would be surprised even though it's not impossible. And I'm not a big fan of Tennessee. I would be surprised if the if the Colts end up in that division not like stunned just might be a little bit surprised with the way Philip Rivers is point. The Chiefs of that division, then being a forum one. I know the Raiders got a victory that three and two, There's no way the Chiefs was that division. That's that's fair to say correct. 100%. Okay. So then the FC East and they have seen North is the really juicy race there in the sea. And then in the NFC. Going to be the Eagles of the Cowboys. In the West. You would think Seattle, but the Rams are right behind Seattle. Cardinals are a team that I think they'll be like nine and seven. So I don't think the one that division and the 40 Niners. I don't think they're making the playoffs now in the north. I know the bears air off to Ah, very good. Start better than when anyone could have thought at Forum one I would be My my job. It hit the floor. If the Packers don't win that division But I don't believe the Panthers already at even though they've won three straight. It's gonna come down to the bucks and the Saints in the south and I would take the box right now. Just little overall landscape who has a shot and I think that this is gonna play on out. We'll do a news brief next first up with the latest CBS Sports Radio Update. We get to rich document. Sports play for the first time since 2010. We have an NFL game on Tuesday night, and if the Titans Have any rust from not playing since September 27th. You wouldn't know if they leave the bills. 21 10 at the half. They started the scoring after Josh Allen interception with Ryan Tannehill hooking up with a J. Brown and then Tannehill just ran one in from 10 yards out to close out the first half. Derrick Henry, also with a touchdown run for the three and Oh titans, Tannehill so far 13 of 18 135 yards. And the touchdown, No interceptions, while Josh Allen has that one pick. He also has a touchdown past 10 of 20 for 124 yards passing in the first half. The New York Daily News reports. The Jets are tryingto trade living on Belle and Florida has suspended all team activities after five players tested positive for covert 19. This comes after Dan Mullen said said over the weekend he wanted to see the swamp filled when L s U came to Gainesville Game three of the American League Championship Series is just about to get underway. The Rays have a two games to none. Siri's lead on the Astros Ryan Yarborough. And Jose or Kiki are the starters for tonight's Game three Braves dominating Right now they have a six to nothing lead over the Dodgers in the bottom half of the 60 in Anderson, with the first four gave up one hit. Tyler Matic is now on, and Freddie Freeman has a home run and three R B eyes on the night for the Braves, who look to go up two games to none. ESPN reports, Stan Van Gundy has met with the pelicans about their head coaching vacancies, lumberjack. Hey, guys, Start your football Sunday.

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