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Now. Listen, I'm not a fool around joy. No, man and the kingdom of heaven. No man into the king of heaven having a thin the look God, no man on earth can guarantee another man passage into the kingdom of heaven. Only got you'll say that. I think I do. I mean. Donald Trump got any special dispensation don't got any fast pass, you even Diddy lamb. Oh, yeah. You get a fast pass, especially the fat. I don't care. What you get. You. Get a pet though. Right. Yeah. No man gets a fast passing a heaven. From another man. I don't unit that Jessica what he is. If he's offended the rule of got Trump. I'm not saying anything about politics on if he's engaged thing. You say he's been gazed in it. More than evangelical give him that fast pass. And they have it. Right. Even put into if even put into goats even doing, you know, the thing you're talking about which is very very disgusting. And all that everything else. And then about Claire. I'm chris. Up saying this me, you cannot. Good. Evade even Donald Trump scene. Doc goodman. Do you wanna do because? You think that's it? Kind of what I was thinking. I tell you pastor you're gonna give yourself a really bad reputa- that languid. You. You have got to have. Hit be berry man, you gotta have to the Bill free. Donald Trump can meet a handle. More than even you go for going what you need to do because you seven a high you basically political in and that is wrong. If that seven spirit to end, you seven uh political end well. Well, I mean, I never thought about that. Like that way. I figured you. Haven't said who's on in doing? I said, no, he nothing straight. I'm not gonna fused. I'm trying to. Roped off a pastor. Thanks. All right past William Rennick here on the Phil Henry show. We got to Chris Norton talking about evangelical signing off on the personal philosophy of Donald Trump because they need him to be president. He's God's chosen president. And so whatever his private practices are whatever his private. You know, Piccadilly does or whatever the hell. What's it called? Yeah. Piccadilly or Piccadilly Piccadilly Piccadilly. Oh, I don't know. I don't think I don't think it's either one of those his own personal Zillow's. Yeah. I'm sorry. I brought it up. I technically billow run-up. Anyway, whatever his personal weirdnesses are that's cool because he serving the higher purpose of God. And so if he engages an anal sex Bestiary. He's very I make this world. Okay. And I sure hell didn't invent you know, anal or the BBC -ality or anything, but they're trying to tell me Donald Trump gets a fat. Like they're like pass renting was saying. It's fast path time Cam. Say that I'm saying there is no such thing as a fast pass. All right. Let's disrupt us up, regardless of what you regardless of his personal habits, regardless of which politics. He is the event Jellicoe choice. I did see one of those little billboards it said God's chosen president. So knowing what you know are believing. What you believe Chris? What do you think about that whole idea? Mm-hmm. Being chosen by God. I just I don't think I mean, I think he if the evangelists all I'm trying to do is. Is there a chance that you can do anal and not go to hell, that's all I'm trying to?.

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