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L. R N dot FM, now, relevant to me in other news, evidently energy drinks are really bad for your heart. Uh-huh. This should not be surprised to. Yeah. Right. This is like saying, hey, Coca Cola makes you fat. It's kind of like duh. We know that. We're not drinking it to be healthy. We're drinking it because we generally don't give a crap, and we want energy more than we want to live forever. Yeah. But I don't even drink energy drinks, drink energy shots, like five energy, except, I don't drink five hour energy, because it stupidly expensive. You do the generic one. Yeah. Because he five hour energy. I mean it's like four bucks each. Well, the tweaker said, I drink are not only larger, but they're ninety nine cents each so it's pretty get your heart arrhythmia and save money, right? So the same stuff that gets your heart pumping in the morning might just stop it oughta gather. Now, I do have one every single morning like before I even smoke that first cigarette lately, I'm county, one of these energy shots. But it's because they take longer to hit versus the nicotine. Right. But a new report from the American Heart Association reveals that drinking just four eight out, servings, typical energy, drink can lead to a spike in blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia, the fun. Again, da. That's campaign in general..

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