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Flying J. studios this is rather a radio always a pleasure to be in for the guys when or why normally I do afternoon drive Monday through Friday two to five in the afternoon central over WB eight feet taking some time off for the holidays from from that sure so I could be available to do Gerry and Eric search show since they're away I'm glad to have you we're doing something a little different of the two thousand nineteen year in review from your perspective we do in fact have some Westwood One news correspondent reports I'm gonna give you one here in just a second about the things that impacted you your family your business the most in two thousand nineteen we've heard a lot of good does suggestions of fake news yeah it's a real thing the fact that you can't depend on getting the truth from the news networks you know it's kind of a big deal a lot of things that have to do with things other than impeachment in the course of the year culminated in the have but one thing worse social issues social changes when the Kenyan with Wes wouldn't one news correspondent did a great report for two thousand nineteen the year in review social changes the women's March returned it.

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