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So in terms of doing this type of work you're trying to also set it up to make it acceptable to users of the gps i assume absolutely yeah one of the great things about working at invidia is that we get to open source a lot of the work that we're doing in fact all the products that i'm mentioning we have either open source or in the process of open sourcing and one of the reasons that we can do that as because the more we inspire other people to do a than the better it is for invidia because so much of a happens on gp's and so we can make the world better place by giving people new technology that they can use salt problems and also helps video business and so it's it's a great thing for us to open source our work right and then i know you've done the work in the past and cudi n and really driving software to help people often is working on gp's but then there's gp's that have been actually built specifically volta to help with deep learning can you speak to a little bit about volta and how it works and helps people improve their processing of hefty learning yeah so volta is the first gpu that invidia made kind of after it woke up to the possibilities of deep learning and nvidia believes i think more strongly than than any other organization that i've seen in the power of specialized architecture that's kind of really what has made invidia successful from the beginning is the company builds chips to solve important problems and the that are tailored to those particular problems so when invidia decided deep learning is the most important thing that we're going to be using our gps for the next up was to customize the architecture for deep learning and volt as the first fruits of that effort and so the computational capabilities of ulta really astounding you know one voltage epa can run at over one hundred and twenty tariff lops when you're training a model and that's you know about ten times faster than the speed that you would get on our prior generation gpo and so that's that's a really exciting capability how does the architecture for something like volta differ from something like graphics gpo volta is different in a lot of ways from our previous gp.

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