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People. It's believed to be more transmissible. Dr Ken Steadman says there's more of a reason for optimism because in Oregon variant is encountering many more vaccinated people than in India. I'm not terribly concerned about any of these, mostly because the vaccines seemed to be working really, quite well. State health officials agree. In a hearing before state lawmakers, Oregon Health Authority director Pat Allen gave an update on breakthrough virus cases and why no particular variants are to blame. There is no evidence of the national level that any particular variant Um it's more likely for breakthroughs on there's no evidence to suggest that these cases are resulting in in additional spread. And experts say the spread of this variant is a reminder of why it's a good idea to get vaccinated. The variant that originated in India has also been detected in Washington state. You dubs Doctor Alley Mark Dad says. There are 97 cases of that variant in our state. As of Wednesday, all the success story that we are achieving right now is making some people pause and say What? I don't need a vaccine right now. Let me wait, and we can't afford that. We need to vaccinate as much as we can today. This month next month before we go into our search and went to do to seize your Nana. Variant that's impacted our state. The most is the one that originated in the UK there have been over 4000 cases of it in Washington, vaccinated or not. New CDC guidance for summer camps recommends all campers, staff and visitors use face masks and a new U Dub study involving special needs. Kids shows they can do it Come owes. Denise Whittaker has more put the right reward system in place for kids, even those with sensory challenges and They can wear masks for six hours a day, four weeks in a row, and so, as you can imagine, if you're being sort of hit from all sides with different things by the end of the day, it's really hard. Tolo manage your frustrations. This is what the University of Washington's Autism center discovered running its annual summer camp last year. For kids with a DHD or autism spectrum disorder definitely was a concern of ours going into camp. Would he be able to wear it for six hours? Krista Kirk tells me her nine year old son, Rooney did it. Dr. Ben Erin sent tells me most of the kids did better than expected. Throughout the apex summer camp study. They found that eight out of 10 kids were their masks. 75% of the time. Was there a difference between age groups who did a little bit better with the masks than those who may not have done as well? Yes. Absolutely. So when he got tired like 11 and 12 year old range, we saw him asking ability above 90%, which is really impressive. It was more of a struggle for the younger kids. They're masking ability. Down to 60% important data toe have when getting kids back into classrooms and important to note the method. The apex summer camp uses to gain compliance. Kids were never punished for not masking, but they were always positive rewards and positive support. Mooney's parents tells me he likes to show off the stickers he earns They also.

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