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Thank you do Another episode of with Gusts. I'm here With my longtime friend and Co host. Dave Hager Gus Dave grab glad to have you today. Dave we're joined by just a remarkable remarkable performer. Artist You name it. He's done it. He's a he's a speaker That goes out. And just motivates crowds have watched the videos at some point. Davies gotTA motivate us today and then and he's on tour right now with pink as their drummer. But I can't even tell you the number of bands he's worked with and so for to have somebody of his calibre on hollow up with Gus Dave. We're really excited so joining us in the huddle today on radio. Dot Com is one of the original podcasts and also under the big top of salve the ringmaster and MTV joining us today is Mark Schulman. Mark thank you so much for being on the show with US my pleasure. Thank you sal for Megan. All this happened sounds man. You know sell salads the man sales so we've been working with sal a little bit to try and put some of our content onto amped TV and all those hotel rooms so It's been really good salesman great and ever since I did his show a long time ago. We stayed friends. And I'm sure you have. Yeah and I've been hooked China hookups. Our some other musicians from other folks like me because I think the platform is really unique in an outstanding. It's providing great opportunities for people that they it's so funny. How much we are unaware exists on this planet and then all of a sudden something opens your eyes. And that's the way I look at Sal on MTV. So there's your plug for you Buddy. Yeah there you go sell so mark. Let's go back to when you're growing up in Los Angeles We're GONNA start with the sports segment. I mean I've read a lot about you. Got Into Music. But did you ever play sports when you were young? Were you a fan at all? Did you go out in the neighborhood and play with a ball or whatever. Yeah you know what I mean I was. I was like an average athlete. I'm not I ain't GonNa hit Ya. I was an average athlete and I. I was a real a really decent drummer when I was very very young. I see the drum. I feel like drums chose me so. Yeah I mean I played basketball. Played Baseball I. I never played football. I didn't even plan the marching band because I was playing in rock bands every weekend making money so I wish I learned all the marching chops but I got my experience doing other things. It was all about the the drumming and the girls for me. You know and it's worked out. I got a beautiful wife and I had played with some extraordinary people but I draw parallels between you. Don't one of the things I talk about is. We are all performers and So whether you're in sports whether you are lea- a middle manager it is it really comes down to performance we are measured in our performance And so that's where I that's where I draw the parallel between everything so I believe that we all actually are very similar. Because we have clarity about what we want do. And we've developed our our capability Because when you really clear about your goals and you really develop that capability. That's what leads to natural confidence. And that's what needs leads to natural success in anything you do and any performance that you do so outside good now we can go on to know what I was going to say. Is I think if you're talking Athletically drummers are probably the best athletes in the music world right. Good hands and thing. That's another thing. Yeah the drummer for Blondie. Clem burke actually wired up a drummer with all of these electrodes and determined that a drummer. That's playing like a one and a half to two hour. Rock show like I play not play with foreigner. Play with billy idol. I play with pink. Play was simple minds and these bands. And you know it's especially pink like you think thinks. She's a pop artist. I'm playing full out and I'm in my fifties and what Clem Burke determined. Is it a drummer? Like US burns as many calories as like a pro soccer player and they also did another study where they put guys like gusts and pro basketball players on drums sentencing. Okay Buddy play for three minutes or four minutes of drums straight and they all get off like Ooh. It's all about the kind of training that you have. I mean I've in my fifties I could sit down and play an hour and a half to our show and I'm fine. If if any body else like any pro athlete in their fifties should sit down and play a show they would keel over so it really is about what your condition for like with all different types of sports because every kind of athleticism. We'll call drum looking at drumming like athleticism right now. Requires that conditioning? And I put in you know four times Malcolm glad wells ten thousand hours at this point and drumming that quite played drums forty thousand hours in my day or or more building up by craft and then played get on stage and my wife and I were talking about it last night because I said I just feel a little bit out of shape even though I'm working out and even though I'm running but because pink's two and a half years on the road with pink. She broke all these sales in attendance. Records played for stadiums for forty two hundred thousand people per night. She in the month of July. She was the highest grossing artists in history for one month. I mean higher than you to higher than springsteen and by wife said well you know remember. We're like up there four days a week. When you were touring playing that show. I said Oh yeah I forgot about that so right now. We're out of break up. Not Getting that you know. Yeah that first time you go back you'RE GONNA BE. You're going to be a little bit winded. It takes it takes two weeks. I mean you know we rehearse the band rehearses for two weeks and then we do full production rehearsals for six weeks. So I get I get a lot of ramp up time and allow yet so if we go back to the building blocks you were talking about when you were a child. What were those building blocks? View of becoming a drummer. Well I feel so blessed in the sense that I believe that drumming chose me you know. I was old enough to watch the Beatles when I was three years old on Ed Sullivan and you know all these guys are usually older me. Say That was the moment. Well that was the moment. I remember seeing John Paul George and just like like like my brother yelling at me in front of the TV. And then I saw Ringo. You know that smile a big beautiful knows and the way squash and I said Mama. I WANNA play drums. No drums are too loud. Can't you play an nice instrument like you brother Randy? He plays violin playing shallow and then I gradually got into playing drums but saddened drums. Set at five years old. And I could play intuitively knew I won't call myself prodigy but I'll say I knew what to do and then I started playing in bands when I was nine. They bought me my first trump said they couldn't deny passionate twelve years old. I started playing professionally every every weekend. Starting at the age of fourteen I was playing as I said. That's why wasn't in the marching band because we were putting touches and actually making some money and play parties and weddings and Bar Mitzvahs and whatever we could and so. I just literally grew up playing in bands and practicing and listening. I tell my students I listen to everything. I could so I- diversified vocabulary as far as what I could play And then I had my own original band and that didn't work out and then twenty six years old. I got my first road gig playing with this artist named Brenda Russell opening up for Billy Ocean. Remember those days and I never stopped and I just kept on going and you know that led to me doing a bunch of smooth jazz gigs than found out about the foreigner. Auditions and I joined foreigner and through forder I met producer named Keith Foresee Who ended up producing billy idol and simple minds than I became keith sky. I played for simple minds. And and billy idol and addition for share three times ended up playing with share on an offer years. Ford or on an offer. Twenty eight years played with the biggest Japanese artists. Two of the biggest Japanese is immoral and it Chen a a lot and then I got the big chair tour and shares manager managed. Pink ended up playing with pink as a result of that. I toured with Velvet Revolver. Who was the you know the Scott Wide Linen and that's roses when Matt so I'm broke his wrist and I done all kinds of done it all. That's what my career. But I've also been very buried today. Shas and fearless. When it comes to communicating. I tell people your network your network is your net worth and so I was always the one on the phone saying you know if there was a Gig. Hey I'll do. It is a matter of what I got the foreigner Gig and then this guy named Keith. Foresee this producer. I heard from a friend of mine. Hey foreigners recording and this guy just for this Gig. Why didn't they used me? I call the manager and he said well. That's because Keith. Foresee doesn't really know you. He's using his own drummer towel. Bergman who was a friend of mine I respect and I told Keith and I said can I get keeps number so I got keats number. I called him on the phone. I mean that takes you know cojones. Keith. It's Mark Schulman. If towel can't ever make session give me a call. I'll be damned. If three months later. He gives me a call. I come in I nailed it. I played it. I take and from that point on. I was Keith's Guy. So Keith was a guy that co-produced and code songs with Billy Idol and simple minds. You can now see the connection. He called me to play a song with simple minds that turned into a record. Billy idol's drummer went into Rehab. I got a call from billions guitar players. Saying can you come and play on the song? I played on the end title theme for the movie speed then for the next eight years. I was billy's and I was shifting going between foreigners. Simple minds and billy idol and and and then. I left the billy idol band because I got an offer to go on tour playing Stevie Nicks Sheryl Crow and I went out with them and it was like all these things jiggling.

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