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How much was the bye week a chance for USC to reset? It. Look, at some positives. Most notably the development of freshman quarterback j t Daniels big big time. And I think that we're gonna see the offense come out and look really really smooth early in the game gets Colorado. I think that we'll see maybe not even from JT Daniels as much rich. I think we see that offense of wine try to set an edge. I think we see Steven car get out and get rolling early. They know that this USC. Offense is just different when they've got a productive run game as a base, and then JT Daniels excellence through the air as the compliment because the games that USC is lost in the times are US's offense. Ab- struggled has been when JT Daniels just throwing the ball forty eight times and having to swing it all over the yard and run for his life. So I think that when you look at this USC team coming off the bye, I think they're gonna look very sharp. And in particular, it will be on the ground in the running game, well rested and hosting five. And Colorado tonight, what has been the difference in Stephen Montas this year completing nearly seventy five percent of his passes. Well, it sure seems like ninety eight percent of those completions have gone to viscous. You know, doesn't it? I mean, it's it is hard to ignore. The impact of what I think is the single best all purpose talent that we've seen on the field in college football, low viscous Chenault. And that's I mean that is the interesting proposition for this game because outside of. Channel he's getting done on the ground. He's getting it done as a wide receiver yours giving Montas. He he had to step in during the Pac twelve south championship run. He had to step in and a pinch for CFO Lou foul, and he did a good job. I mean, he's been in these big games. And these imported games we've done a good job delivering, I think Montas good. I think this is excellent. And to be able to capture the Pac twelve south again. I think that they need Montas even as a seventy percent passer. He's going to have some games in the USC. One is a perfect example when they take away your favorite target. Can you still make the play anyway? And that's a question that I think Stephen Montas is ready to answer. For all that you mentioned about Chenault. Should he start receiving Heisman consideration? I mean, it's a pretty packed class. So far with three great quarterbacks. But is he that fourth guy? Well, I I'll say there's not there's not another wide receiver who deserves that kind of consideration. And I think that when you think about the high profile running backs Bryce love is not in the conversation. Like he was going into the year. Jonathan Taylor probably will remain there. But I I would take Chenault over Jonathan Taylor at this point in the season. So he's definitely leading in my opinion. He non quarterbacks division of the Heisman Trophy discount..

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