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Press release. That's a new one on me. The parts manufacturing company was sentenced in federal court in montgomery alabama after pleading guilty to a charge related to the death of machinery operator machinery. Operator regina elsie twenty years old she worked at a alabama autoparts facility. In june of two thousand sixteen. She entered a enclosure or room which was according to the press release these recalled cells and it contained several robots and other pieces of machinery while she was inside the cell troubleshooting a sensor fall. One machine started up on. Its own and elsa was unfortunately struck by a robotic arm and ended up dying from her injuries with such a violent impact. Osha requires employers to develop and utilize procedures to de energize machinery during maintenance and servicing. That makes sense now. Investigation showed that a period over the last two years prior to that incident. Supervisor's did not effectively enforce the ocean rules. Us magistrate judge steven. Doyle sentenced the parks company to pay a five hundred thousand dollar fine which was bylaw the maximum and a one million dollar restitution to else's estate and be on a three year term probation which during they must comply with safety compliance and they're actually overseen by a third party auditor for their safety procedures and the case was prosecuted by the us attorney's office and investigated by the investigative arm of the us department of labor is kind of interesting. I was not really to investigation spy the department of labor but as this shows that has happened they are in is an important thing. Employers are responsible for worker safety and health and the failure in this situation was tragic. This is according to the statement from the assistant. Secretary of labor for occupational safety morin sweat. The young lady twenty years old was killed by a robot and this is not what we what we're thinking about when we think about killer robots coming to us in the future. Well the future is here. As a matter of fact in january of nineteen seventy nine. Mr robert williams american factory worker who was working in ford plant was the first known human being worldwide that we know of excluding of course time travelling terminators to be killed by a robot while working at the ford motor company flat rock casting plant williams was also killed by an industrial robot arm january twenty fifth nineteen seventy nine. The first man to die at the hands were on of a robot that is acknowledged a little more. Scary is another robot killing that occurred in two thousand and seven. This happened in another country in south africa. Nine south african soldiers were killed and fourteen were wounded win. An anti aircraft weapon started shooting all by itself in two thousand seven. The weapon referred to as a gdf zero zero five. It was controlled by a robotic system. That would be self sustaining. That could find target engage hostels without human intervention. Kind of a setup and go and it's got your back time machine. It can even reload all by itself which had made at that particular time things a lot messier mrs win. The device basically went crazy when insane and started firing on. Its own as i said nine soldiers were killed. Fourteen others were wounded before the device. Either stop functioning or ran out of ammunition. That's gotta be scary. That's that's your future s your sci-fi killing right there like i said at the start. We're going to talk about a workplace. Violence situation occurred in yancey county north carolina. This happened in one thousand nine hundred ninety four now. Justice officials are usually not thought of as being at risk of violence normally and as i was researching this shade of blue story authorities in greensboro north carolina. Working an investigation of the shooting death at the guilford county courthouse. So it does happen. You may recall. One of our previous podcast. We talked about some individuals taking a judge hostage in a la county courtroom in california several years ago and this incident involved the justice officials being the victims of violence and this is nine hundred ninety four now. Court officials injustice personnel are not usually thought of being at risk of violence were harm as i was researching the shade of blue story the authorities in greensboro north carolina. Were investigating shooting in the death of the guilford county. Courthouse least suspect to the subject killed have been targeted in the shooting in greensboro. Police said several people were firing back and forth at each other near the south eugene street trips of the courthouse to others were injured including one critically a twenty year old individual by the name of avian mclean of lawrenceburg. South carolina died in the shooting also local. Tv what weather man who was going home at the time. The shooting was driving past the area and his vehicle received several impacts and he just barely missed being injured. He was.

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