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We then need to provide the support foods and so support foods, which we go through in the in the beauty about tape is that it lays out what we should eight. So simply rut as I was writing the book just seeing these old come out build the food pyramid just to visualize. But it becomes so simple. When you understand the physiology of the mouth of what you should be eighty and make sense rut, but so the foods that. Support Fessel will autumns things like call Jim bone broth. So the skin and the joints of animals also has critical amino acids that one foam the gut lining, which is crucial for your immune, gut bacteria Baria, but also create the precursors for bones and Tate, so a great skin for people with varicose veins with people that want to stay in look young you need to fade yourself this collagen, so bone broth is a very important, and you can also supplement call now, which is great. You know, it's great that we have these K foods that we can suppling because I'm busy worlds, it is a little bit hard you conscious. Go down the street and fund unruffled the time. So having these supplement plans and built into your daily routine. Just make sure that you get enough of these nutrients the other thing if amended foods of foods creates the bacterial division, introduce probiotic Spacey's to the mouth and got. So it's important to eight ferments tried to with every meal because some type of. Whether's fermented dairy olf amended vegetables, you really priming your immune system. Mas- Jesse said before about inflammation to reduce inflammation, you need to get your gut ecology settle in. That means diversity diverse Arslan, gut bacteria ended up with strong stable immune systems, so familiar foods, then lots of pre body fibers so things like audits and asparagus and lots of Ray visuals different colors, and they provide the fuel full these bacteria to create.

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