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Yeah that was video interesting i was in this job in foreign exchange company and i'd just bright idea that why don't we actually take this whole thing online and like most other entrepreneurs i was just very excited and i quit my job and then i realized that i've got no money in the bank account and my visa was going to run out in six months so i prepared a little presentation to a bank to us for ten thousand pound loan to start the business and the answer was no veasley so declined to give me any loan two days later i went back to the same bank and i said you're right i should not start my own business i'll continue in my job but i'm thinking of buying a car so they lent me twenty thousand pounds to buy the car and of course i never bought the car because i didn't even had driving license at the time but we became one of the festival in companies in the country and and is fantastic suggest for the records repair all that loan back with interest and i do not recommend anybody using that method of finance for the business because it's quite expensive imagine and thankfully we what lot more revenues now have four financing the business and but it's amazing and and that speaks i think a lot to your onto neuro background you know you find a way to make something happen and when you see that unity i think that's fantastic origin story i guess false forwarding today tell us a little bit more about the the deputy mab sort of roll really sort of involves on a daytoday basis what is it you do in this beautiful building.

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