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Is it me or is it just You feel the same itchiness when you see a starting pitcher ago five And in their struggles I got like I'm used to see in six, you know, for quality starts six in two thirds differences. Sometimes it is different. Don't want like teams Air Leary to let a picture ago three times through Unless you're talking about your studs. Unless you're talking about your beavers and your 2, G and Giolito. Maybe it are like Darvish. I mean, like teams don't want guys going a third time through very often. Once you get away from your top starter, maybe Some teams with a lot of depth that have a really good number two like maybe the Indians You know, they don't like him going three times through anymore. The game's changed that way. By the way, I'll leave you with this. I had lunch with Steve Stone and we were talking about old school managers versus the new school, and he said one of his first starts for Earl Weaver, who he said Earl said. I don't really care about any of you guys. I'm here to win baseball games. That's all I care about, he said. Now today, you got to be cuddly. You've got to get a loan, he said. It was like his second start, and Earl's gonna pull him when he didn't think he should be pulled. Here comes Earl Steve flips the ball. Adam hits her on the chest and falls doesn't say a word to me after the game. I'm thinking all right, whatever, he said. The next day, he walked by me goes. Listen here, you em for. I don't know what he's like 54. I will get you back, he said. We fly in to play the California Angels. He goes. I'm gonna I pitched two days ago he goes. Hey, somebody's injured. Your starting today, two days rest, he said. I give up 11 runs in the first two innings. And I'm looking at Earl and he's like No, no. You imagine. Oh goes I came in the dugout after the second inning. He goes no going back out, he said finally, in the fourth inning. Because I'm getting the living daylights beaten out of me and he said, Don't you ever ever show me up again? Believer? A man ahead of his time. He he was analytics before analytics. He understood the importance of a homerun and getting those big. You know what? Yes, you know, I don't think really acceptable these days. But there's some classic. No girl. Weaver was ahead of his time stealing bases. Get out of here. Sac. Bunting, get out of here like he was. And I'm gonna have a guy come up in a home. He was very analytical way. Got all that analytics back then, but he just saw the game The way people see it today. He's like, Why would I have guys run and get picked off on the base? Like Let the big guys hit home? Run like you got a letter here from Alice Radley here from a different world? By the way, it was the seventies by the way. Miami Milwaukee eyes 30 is going to be good. All right. So what about 30? What about 5 30 One's Milwaukee. Not other that I didn't marry Oklahoma City Houston Game seven points. Take the thunder is 5.5 Take the thunder in the points. Second best cover percentage in the embassy this year, the Oklahoma City thunder and there 35 17 in their last 50 four's An underdog against this president Lee Butler. Just talking media Orlando this morning. The rest we gotta break. I'm so effing locked in. Gonna break pretty good. And you have to even call your hotline. Great. No market wants to put that round Burgundy stuff up. I'm going to keep going. Take that Merkin blowing the clock up. All right. We're out of here. The clock. See you tomorrow at 7 30 Listeningto Carmen in ESPN 1000 Chicago's home first forests. They're out there Cap and Ji Hood. Every lines lit up mornings outside, Ray. What's up, man? A cab Tampa leaves that you got the lead off with the white back more We've been leading with the White Sox on lot. You focus on. No, no, no. You're talking to captain talking to me. And so I want you to understand that is a new show in his captain J. Hood. It is not just it's not. This show's about unity. That's why they put us together. Cap.

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