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Am Jim basketball scene early on ESPN. Plus, Greg Hardy's first parents UFC ended in controversy on Saturday because of an illegal strike. He suffered his first official m a loss to twenty eight of the second round against Allen Crowder disqualified for an illegal knee, Ariel Halawani, Chelsea Sonnen with this post. Fight insight showman event, Greg hardy fought a man named Allan Crowder. Of course. Greg hardy, the former NFL player pro bowler cowboy panther? What you make of his? I can't. Named for this. I put him on the car, and I didn't put him in this position. I thought this was rubbish. These were two guys were out there swinging. Neither one of them looked very skilled. And I'm not trying to be a jerk about it. I'm just reporting. What I saw was a trust is going back in the head. Look, this was a very sloppy fight. But I do want to say for the fans that may have missed this. Ultimately, this contest was ended. Crowder went for a big double-leg ended up in this position right here. Greg hardy comes in niece him now for fancier possibly new to this. That is what's called a downed opponent because Crowder's knee was down. That means three points of his body. We're down which means you cannot me him in the head. You have to understand in. This sport, a contact sport era. We only have a few rules. It is important that those very few rules are followed. This was a disqualification. So you're in agreement with that call, of course. Okay. So that was the right call now what about Greg hardy future after what you saw tonight. Don't wanna see this man fight in the AFC. I never knew that. It was a matter that I wanted to see him fighting the I do think that he should be given the opportunity. I think that he had it tonight. I think that he lost to a guy who had a very low level of skill in fairness just in Farris. That's what I saw. I also think there was some positives for Greg hardy for he and his camp to work on to be given us opportunity again, particularly the fact that he made it into the second round he fought forever. Seven minutes tonight his entire career lead into this contest. He'd been there less than three minutes. So that's helpful. I also thought that his conditioning held up now as far as his skills go. They are in the world's martial arts. He's a white belt at best maybe a little bit of a dirty white belt, but he's a beginner. And by the way, my partner chillier is being very humble for not mentioning the fact that he picked Alan Crowder to win not in that way. But you still pick them so kudos to you. Yes, he gets kudos for that women's blade page, vans and making your first octagon appearance in over a year against racial Ostrovitch. An alleged victim of domestic abuse that was announced in November. After the fight was announced. Danzon won her first UFC fighting two and a half years. Second round submission a tap out via the armour in that second bands. And Rhonda Rowzee the only women to finish at least two UFC fights with Armour's, and he spoke post fight on ESPN. Plus..

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