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Here. Working on on hearings all day. I think the campaign for the job would be the wrong thing to do. CBS news update. I'm Matt piper. Mrs NewsRadio nine fifty w j news time one thirty two. Troy police now investigating a reported smashing grab at the Somerset collection. The incident happened at Tiffany and company with investigators saying that a handful of high end jewelry was stolen. If you have any information about this crime, your urge to contact the police immediately. Wayne County prosecutor's office has charged forty six year old Albert weathers of Sterling Heights with the murder of thirty six year old Kelly sto stove, a transgender woman was found dead by police in the area of east mcnichols and brush streets on December seventh a police investigation. Led to prosecutors arraigning weather's on Monday. He's been charged with open murder, man. Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is bond was set at one million dollars a probable cause conference now scheduled for December twentieth. Michigan governor elect Gretchen Whitmer is planning to travel to Washington DC this week to meet up with President Donald Trump. That's along with other newly elected governors around the country. What MS office says it's an opportunity to make sure that Michigan as a voice at the table man to find common ground on the issues that will be most important to our state moving forward. There's been more fallout now in the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal this time involving USA Olympics. The US Olympic Committee is fire chief of sport performance Allen. Ashley in the wake of an independent report about the firm of ropes and gray it details and the overall lack of response when the US OC leaders, I heard about the Nassar allegations from then president of USA gymnastics. Steve penny a two hundred thirty three page report says neither Ashley nor former CEO Scott Blackmun acted on the allegations against Nassar which allowed the former sports doctor to abused. Dozens more girls over the fourteen months of silence now certainly is now spending his life behind bars after he molested more than three hundred fifty athletes and young women under the guise of medical treatments. WBZ news time one thirty four experts say that no new cases of chronic wasting disease have been reported in Michigan's upper peninsula after testing. Hundreds of dead deer during the hunting season. More than seven hundred fifty deer heads were examined in a chorus Valence area around Dickenson county. Hundreds more were checked in an area extending into Marquette county, a DOE tested positive in Dickinson county back in October a month before the traditional deer season. It was the first case in the upper peninsula, chronic wasting disease is a fatal neurological illness. It's been found in many counties in the lower peninsula. Jason Scott's WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. The supreme court has rejected appeals from Kansas in Louisiana in the reference to strip Medicaid money from Planned Parenthood more on the story from CBS news correspondent Bill Rakoff. The rejection of the cases by the court Marcus split of its conservative judges while justices Clarence Thomas Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch voted to hear the case. Chief Justice John Roberts newcomer Brad Kavanagh did not join them. Both states had sought to appeal lower court rulings of block them. From withholding money from Planned Parenthood for low income women opponents of abortion, it said the organization should not receive government money. A Justice Thomas noted in his opinion at this case had nothing to do with abortion and questioned whether Robertson Kavanagh's decision was motivated by politics. They'll Rakoff CBS news, Washington, Colorado. Authorities say they have no suspects in the case of a young mother last seen on thanksgiving. Twenty nine year old Kelsey barris mother, Cheryl says her daughter's disappearances out of character. This is completely out of character. Kelsey loves her God, she loves her family and friends and she loves her job. She's reliable considerate. An honest supermarket. Surveillance cameras spotted the woman in woodland park that a week later. She texted her employer saying she wouldn't be coming into work that week her phone pinged in Idaho that day. French president Emmanuel Macron addressing his country on Monday following violent or unrest over his government's policies over the weekend. The so-called yellow vest. Protesters took to the streets again over the weekend in Paris. They're protesting taxes say the president favors the elite CBS news correspondent link. Cobb reports Macron is offering concessions now to the protesters. They do address many of the main concerns that people wear expressing once the fuel tax was out of the way. And people said, you know, that's not the only thing we're concerned about the rising cost of living. Sue these measures will help both workers on the lowest salaries and employers. This marks the country's biggest social and political crisis in fifty years and the prime minister now calling for national unity WBZ news time, one thirty seven right now, it's cloudy and twenty eight degrees for Detroit got see some snow this week. We'll head back out to the roads with. PF update, traffic and weather together neck. Wants a chance to.

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