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This first round. The questions will follow a young Ted Bundy as he evolves from a troublesome child into a ruthless killer while Bundy's first confirmed murders didn't take place until he was an adult. There are theories he may have killed. As a child stemming from the disturbing behavior he showed at an early age for Bundy life began in a very complicated way to start. He wasn't even born with the name. Ted Bundy question number one. What was Bundy's given name at birth a Theodore Anthony Nugent be Theodore Robert Cowl? See Theodore Shah Wilson Rob Be Theodore Robert Cal. Correct Bundy's birth name was B. Theodore Robert cowl. He was born in Burlington Vermont in November nineteen forty-six at a home for unwed mothers. His mother twenty two year old. Eleanor Luiz cowl. Went by Louis. The name Bundy would come later from his stepfather. Johnny Bundy who married Louise In nineteen fifty. One Rob One jared zero because of Louise's age and Marital Status Ted was labelled illegitimate. His family chose to hide this fact from the neighborhood so for the first few years of his life. Ted's family claimed his grandparents were his mother and father for question number two. How did Ted's family claim? Luiz was related to head. They said she was a his aunt. Be His cousin. See his sister. Jared see his sister. Ted's family told him that Lewis was see his sister. According to the book the Stranger beside me by an rule. Bundy confirm the truth in one thousand. Nine hundred sixty nine. After locating his original birth certificate the certificate also included the identity of his father. Lloyd Marshall a salesman and Air Force veteran that makes the score one to one ted. Bundy was socially awkward as a kid and sometimes crossed the lines of normal behavior at one point while still very young. He was caught placing knives around his aunt while she slept. And after moving to Tacoma Washington with his mother in nineteen fifty. A teenage bundy would dig through garbage cans looking.

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