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Rights supporter. I think it's a sad day because at the end of the day, our bodies belong to us. And we should have a choice or the our bodies. Deja Rothschild was holding a sign that said, my arms are tired from holding this sign since the 1960s. She was there to support abortion rights. This is so sad that we've gone back in time. That'll be bonk to be a two. If he news. For the moment, abortion is legal in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. But in the old dominion, the governor does want to make some changes. Virginia governor Glenn youngkin says he wants to ban most abortions in Virginia after 15 weeks of pregnancy. He believes there can be bipartisan consensus of protecting the life of unborn children when they begin to feel pain in the womb. In youngkin's words, I am a pro life governor, but he says he'll have to work across the aisle to change the law of youngkin appointed four lawmakers to come up with legislation to introduce when the General Assembly returns in January. Hey, it's 5 O 5 meantime in Maryland legislators are getting ready for an influx of women trying to get an abortion. Maryland state delegate Ariana Kelly says because the state has a law that codified the right to abortion. Maryland is the southernmost, what we would call safe state. And Kelly says neighboring Virginia could see increasing pressure to change its abortion laws, so she says Maryland is going to see a lot of patient influx from the south and the Midwest. We're expecting about 26% of clinics to close and most of those will be in the south and the Midwest. So we're going to need to take those patients. Kelly fought to pass legislation in Maryland that broadens who can provide abortions, and that takes effect July 1st. Kate Brian, WTO news. Some of D.C.'s most prominent leaders speaking out against the Supreme Court's decision. Reacted on Twitter making clear D.C. is a quote pro choice city and access to abortion is still legal, adding that the fight is urgent, but not over. Attorney general Carr was seen has also issued a statement, calling the decision a limitation on access to critical healthcare. He made clear the district's patient centered laws, allowing residents to make reproductive health choices he added quote, the district's fight for autonomy and statehood is intertwined with our fight for abortion access. Melissa Howell WTO news. A man who climbed the Frederick Douglas bridge around ten Friday morning to protest the Supreme Court decision he's still there. WTO's rich hunter reports the bridge is still closed in both directions because of the man's protest. The band posted on Twitter 5 hours ago that he would be coming down soon but so far, he's still there. The same man news to chain and a bike lock to attach himself to the unscalable fence outside the Supreme Court earlier this month. Now, in a tweet, the man says he can't sit by while his daughter's rights are stripped away. Coming up after traffic and whether it was a historical week for Supreme Court decisions, we'll break down the decision to overturn a gun law with NBC's Pete Williams. It's 5 O 7

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