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Back to okay. We're back is and i have to get into this typhoon thing so number one. This completely derailed their trip. I think once possibly twice or at least like made them reschedule but our typhoons the same thing as hurricanes but named differently because of their location like whiskey. The defense is based on the medication. So since it's in the pacific it must be typhoon rather than american. That will be more in attentive presente. That's right so i'm telling you now don't trust me on this. I'm no expert on this. That doesn't have anything to do. It lasted okay so speaking of plastic one of the focuses is is micro plastic. So it's not just big you know plastic bags and bottles and stuff that they find. So can you describe to me. Like the complications or the or the dangers of micro-plastics before being micro plastic. It's not hopeless folks so we it starts usually big unless you have like pre-production nureddin that are discarded straight into the ocean coming from container spills but if we think and things of michael ealy and big debris this is by itself already like as art let's say for navigation and then on these big debris you can have like species from japan starting to live on these big pieces and then they travel the north pacific and then they can and up in hawaii in oregon for example with that huge doug with under the Invasive species that made the way through to the west coast of the us so these debris carry a lot of stuff there as our navigation but as the driver in the ocean they start degrading and fragmenting into smarter and smarter pieces due mostly to fatigue edition to the sunlight. That will break down a break. This mastic in two nine. Hundreds of pieces of micro plastic so once the micro plastic is micro plastic. Smile and smarter. It is the more evident burn. It will be for the food. Web meaning than smaller organization would be able to ingest them. So the smartest the the worse it is for the food web for sure and then it's harder to remove it if you want to clean the ocean or clean the beach the smarter. The pieces are the more time consuming. It would be to remove them from the beach so there are many different negative effects. Really that the plastic and even more so for micro plastic. i mean. You're telling me that a fish can have a little bit of plastic as a treat just little bit of micro-plastics it's going to real. Is it really that bad. It just past the plastic. I mean then yourself you. You eat a little bit of plastic for breakfast okay. Maybe maybe you'd be rector digested or maybe even go to but at some point if you're under plastic to eat then there's more plastic than craze in the ocean than your fill your stomach with auto this last week and then you won't be hungry emaar so you'd be like oh echina- he then you can digest it so you basically of starvation that saad yet no when you put it that way. I guess it is pretty sad. I mean this seems like a rubik's cube of problems like i don't even know where to begin solving them like you're talking about how tough it would be to do an ocean cleanup because of the micro-plastics but then i'm also thinking about you know the the complications with us eating seafood for example. And if they are. You know. If if i'm eating fish and that fishes diet is plastic. I'm probably eating plastic right this the most likely it plastic. I believe the part of the plastic that has degraded inside the stomach of fish and go through the membrane and up into flesh of the fish itself. So yeah you you might eat some plasticizers and some very small pieces of fasting that managed to go through the membrane to the flash. I think at this stage. It's really hard to data west. The effect of Passed on on seafood and fish was fake of like ingesting. Or what is it like one the equivalent of one credit of plastic every week. That's what we i mean. Let's light of it so yeah for seafood fish. I mean i'm vegetarian. So i don't eat blended chicken or fish if you wanna be on the same side might as well eat me nutty seafood and fish and it would. It would be better for the environment but if you do better to eat locale good fish so you know you're you're a bit more careful about where you get your fish. Is there any chance that the fish will mutate and become cool or have superpowers or something like that with ingesting. All of this plastic like mike. Change into superfish please. Will they just die. Adapt it'd be wonderful for many generations. I don't know it would take to get there. Okay so that's a. Maybe that sounds like an official. Maybe yeah that. Actually better than i expected to say. I don't think it's gonna happen that day she had to throw in. I don't think that's going to happen. Okay what about the results. I guess like. I mean you you know you said this was kind of a An unprecedented way of studying the plastics pollution in the ocean. So have we. Did we learn something new or was the problem just as bad as we thought. Yeah i believe. I mean in terms of new findings. We asked in analyzing the data science steak sign. We are trying to understand how the plastic that is. Closer to japan is younger the plastic for example in the north pacific garbage patch. So we trying to look at the chemical signature of the plastic so this is ongoing project. Then what we side than. In basically every centers.

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