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I think I'm losing my mind. Now it's in my head. Money in a home that you'll be came when I need you the morning so down Down down. Down, down down. On with Mario Lopez. 143 my FM time from us he movies with Mario Courtney Lopez. Here's What's new this weekend in theaters and beyond the card counter. Oscar Isaac as a card shark who flats to get revenge against military Colonel Willem Defoe. That's a good cast right there. I like the premise I checked that out malignant, a horror movie about a woman whose nightmares about murders are actually happening in reality don't like that. Queen Pinza comedy where Kristen Bell hatches a counterfeit coupons scheme up. That sounds funny. Kate Mary Elizabeth Winstead has 24 hours left to live and wants to use that time to get revenge. On Woody Harrelson was one Does the Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre. Randy Couture and his brother are two professional wrestlers fighting to survive when the arena is infected by zombie. That sounds awesome. You wanna be Facebook friends join the fam now. Facebook dot com slash on with Mario Music and fund continues next from the Geico studios, whether you rent or own Geico makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance. Having a home is hard work, so get a close at Geico dot com. On easy New Vic Spears ease Plus immunity got means help your child fall asleep naturally.

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