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Of questions about who's going to get the targets with their loaded receiving corps and noah fant at tight end. There's plenty of questions about the quality of the quarterback play. And there's some question about courtland sutton coming off of an injury himself. So i do think that there's there's some risk that needs to be baked in and that's what that wide receiver thirty four. Adp tells you but there's still top fifteen upside sutton wouldn't be one of my favorite break bounce back candidates but he's a good one dave i've draft thing to mock drafts of maybe two or three mock draft so we done I i tend to gravitate towards sutton in this range this roster for denver could be also. I mean the defense. They've rebuilt it. You know the secondary looks fantastic offensive. Line looks really good. I didn't think gordon is fine at the running back spot. You know mike. Boone could be just as good as phillip lindsay. We don't know. I'm going to say no but there's still a chance for him to be in that type of role as the second running back there. We know. The receiving corps would just listed. The names looks pretty special. If those guys live up to those expectations but the quarterback play is something. I think that a lot of people are concerned about even if it is a rookie and i think a lot of people are mocking. Trae lance to the broncos depending on how things go so does the quarterback change things for portland side nor is it just more of injury situation. Let me let me remind everybody in twenty nineteen when sutton was getting past us from ju- lock. He had a fifty four percent catch rate. That's ugly here's the good news. He averaged targets per game with drew. Lock nah i was in two thousand. Nineteen there was no jerry. Jeudy noah fant was rookie. Then and i don't know how much lock is really progressed. Since then but i think that sutton could still be that number one target. At least to begin the air. At least until jerry jeudy gets his act together in denver and that if he can connect with lock really comes down to the quarterback like you said jim. I think if locked doesn't prove and maybe tries to tame himself a little bit doesn't take as many chances with the football. Yeah maybe he could end up being pretty good for courtland sutton but this is one of i. Guess it's fair to say four spots. Were a rookie. Quarterback could come in and start right away and when i did the profile for trae lattes iced trae lances. Nfl ready. i think he's a really intriguing talent. He's very athletic but he's a little raw certainly experienced but if he goes into training camp endeavor say he goes to denver with the number nine pick and he plays well and adapts. Well man it's not going to be very long. Drew lock will be three interceptions away before trae lance goes in there and i would love to see this offense with somebody like trae lance under center because we've seen it with drew lock under center. It makes me a little bit nervous to count highly on any broncos pass catcher so i like sutton really love getting them as a number three receiver really hope that he comes back from the acl. That's the way it should be..

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