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Cut. Dvd at victimless crime. Spree dot com. Are you tired of governments. Murdering people around the world stop using their money. There is an alternative. Bitcoin is a stateless free market. Non-political currency bitcoin cannot be inflated or controlled by any government by using their money. You're helping the state stopped doing it. You have an incredible alternative lable now learn it use. It spread it get started with bitcoin at bitcoin dot com. That's bitcoin dot com on free. Talk live we're bringing people to the ideas of liberty. Every day from wrestling superstars. Like glenn you guys really are having an impact. I believe like. I said a lot of where i am. Now he's due to listening to freetalklive. Change my mind on some very important issues. Years ago to random people tuning in on the radio i was stuck in the left right paradigm by your show by chance on a saturday night from there. I went on during the free state project in become an flyer. So i mean that's really the reason why i am is because i know that if it wasn't for you guys being on as we are i never would have found yet of liberty your amp will directly change more lives by getting free. Talk live in front of people looking for talk radio online and on the air when you amp free talk live. You get perks. Like access to the ample facebook group and amp podcast visit amp dot freetalklive dot com. Did you know you can listen to l. r. n. dot fm. The are free to air satellite channels. We have channels over nearly all of north america and much of africa. All you need is an affordable receiver and a dish is smallest thirty inches. There are no monthly fees. learn more at sat l. r. n. dot fm plus if you are a broadcaster or want to be one this is a good delivery method for our content cr coverage maps and get details at sat dot fm that sad dot dot fm sat dot dot fm. I'm grateful to have heard from some of our satellite listeners. Recently i appreciate knowing that people are out there who like what we do and are willing to support it financially l. don. Fm's free to air satellite feeds blanket. Most of two continents. It was my goal to put our channel there. So people without internet could receive our programs and feed pirate radio stations. We started a fundraiser on patriot on a few years ago to back. The satellite channels recently announced that i was considering canceling the feeds and donations increased from fifteen to twenty percent of our costs which are around one thousand dollars per month. That's a good start and to incentivize more contributions. The shire free church will be matching everydollar. Can we reach five hundred dollars per month with your help we can. You can join our satellite fundraiser for just two dollars a month at fund dot l. r. end on fm keep both channels on the air. Awesome if we raise more all add more channels if not we can shut them down and go internet. Only it's up to you. Thank you for your support f. u. n. d. dot l. r. n. dot. Fm live video of our key. New hampshire shows streamed on d. live. Please follow and share a d- live dot dot. Fm that's d. dot l. r. n. Dot fm we got hardcore tyranny. Happening in this country Now i'm source anyway so This is in london ontario. Police showed up to a small town pastors house to charge him for attending an anti lockdown protest. Or you yourself. Good so polite canadian cops though. That's where it stops. I'm constable owned from the city. Police corps unit. I have a part three summons that i have to serve upon you. Am i okay to speak in front of these gentlemen. Do you absolu- so Would you like me to explain this talking to what is it. Okay it's a ticket or a summons to court for failing to comply with a section seven point zero point to order to wit participate in an outdoor gathering at victoria park which exceeded twenty five people Contrary to the reopening ontario act section. ten one. eight So you're required to attend court. Eight twenty four on -tario on the twenty second day of february twenty twenty one at nine. Am one zero one So twenty twenty one february twenty twenty one almost five months away right. Imagine having that shit hovering over your head or free moncia. Three months on the back south received you can put in the like putting not everyone receiving that was not at liberty to say that documents for you and Discussion treating people differently. I was there anything else. I can do for you sir. I was there. Mushin can't leave. The property immediately. Have a wonderful day. So i mean you know if that was me office i'd be. I'd read variety acts but some people are more polite than some. I guess you know. I guess Yeah i don't know. I wouldn't be nearly as polite So now that was the pastor. See here hero actually.

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