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Right. Kris Kobach, lead attorney now representing ice and Texas sheriffs in this lawsuit to enforce the laws of our land. You wouldn't think you needed in America. But apparently we do so I was down last week, and I did this town hall with President Trump and Governor Abbott and And governor. Abbott's been a regular on both radio and TV, and I keep asking while if they won't enforce the law of the land, why is Texas prohibited from doing so? And he says every time that's a great question. Then he talks about legal precedent He talks about Remember the Jan brewer case at Arizona, where state laws cannot, in this case, circumvent federal laws, even though the in the states can enforce the federal laws because they have an obligation according to statute to hand people over to the feds. And then the feds just process that And let them free. Well as a matter of fact, when I was the attorney who helped draft that Arizona law SB 10 70 about 10 years ago, and so then you know better than I explain explain the logic behind that. So the Supreme Court in that case issued kind of a divided opinion, split opinion, they said. Certain aspects of the Arizona law. We're not allowed, but the main one, which authorized and compelled Arizona law enforcement officers to, um to check any time they had suspicion that they had arrested an illegal alien that one the Supreme Court sustained, and the Supreme Court said states do have the authority. To make an arrest when they're engaged in a normal policing. Make an arrest of someone who is an illegal alien. And if they believe they have reasonable suspicion this person's illegal alien check the 24 7 hotline that the federal government still maintains confirmed that he's an illegal alien and then transfer custody did ice and this is my point. The states themselves cannot deport them. They can't turn them away. They can't turn them back. They that decision. Forces them to hand it over to the feds, and we now know the Fed's policy is one of will process you and give you free transportation to the state of your choice. I think this situation in Texas is probably going to force the courts to address Some very specific questions can state For example, one of the things governor Abbott is talking about doing is the state building border wall, where in the many, many miles of Texas border that are wide open right now, unfortunately, because President Trump was not able to stay in office and continue the construction of the wall, much of Texas is wide open. So what if the state um put the wall in place? And, uh, the Fed, someone will undoubtedly sue and say, Can the state protect its own borders? And then that case may turn on the question of whether states can do some things to protect their own civilians against illegal immigration. Also, the other thing that Texas governor Abbott has talked about doing and the sheriff I've been wanting to do in Texas is arrested illegal aliens for other crimes that is to say. If they see someone who is still on the vehicle, and the person is an illegal alien. Well, maybe throw the book at that person. Because even if the feds aren't going to remove the illegal alien, at least the state can take some action, uh, to discourage illegal immigration by enforcing even smaller crimes. To the max. Uh, because of the influx of illegal immigration. So that is an area where I think the states have an open field. There's certainly no reason the states can't enforce their own laws. In a way, I think that I'm a much easier time building their own wall and protecting their own state. I can't imagine federal authority, uh, circumventing or superseding that, um, you know, because states still they still maintain the ability to do they make their own laws and enforce their own laws. Problem here is we're dealing with federal laws and not being allowed to enforce federal laws are being forced to put people into a system that we know is not going to enforce the law. Well, and that's why I think it's a combination of state actions of the This lawsuit by the counties and by the ice officers would force the Fed's to start complying with federal law, Texas Doing everything it can to protect its borders would also combined with that if we if we prevail in this loss, like you have a situation where we could one step at a time start to put the blocks back in place. To make our borders secure. So it's there's no. There's no silver bullet, but a combination of things can impede this by administrations, lawlessness and and get well, you won't get back to a situation like we had under President Trump or the Of the executive branch of the federal government was taking seriously. It's a duty to fully and aggressively enforce the law, but at least we could get back to a situation where it's not complete lawlessness and Isis forced to and and allowed the ice officers are they are desperately wanting to do their job. They're being forced to sit at their desks get to a position where At least they're allowed to do their jobs. I mean, One point on this, Sean Remember two years ago the the demonstrations in the street, abolish ice and remember the presidential debates on the Democrat side where they were asked if they favored abolishing ice, and most of them did. They may not have abolished ice under the by demonstration, but they've effectively done the same thing they have. Through this memorandum, they forced ice officers to sit at their desks. And do nothing and not important, And now they're saying it now they want full fledge amnesty for everybody. All right, Kris Kobach will follow this lawsuit closely keep us informed Police of any updates. We appreciate it. This. This seems like the best hope for best opportunity. Quick break! We'll come back. 809 41, Sean is her number We get to your calls this post Fourth of July. Quick break right back..

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