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Number three coming up here on nightside. Thanks to everybody who has joined the conversation tonight. And we have a great topic. And a great guest this hour. He's been a guest here before he's a writer from central Massachusetts makes a living as a writer which ladies and gentlemen, not easy to do. Daniel j Flynn, Dan Flynn, Dan. Welcome back. Tonight's at Hawaii. Outstanding. Thanks for having me. Well, you've written several books. You also write columns. I mean, you literally make a living as a writer, and that's not an easy profession to pursue allegedly. Make a living. Sometimes it doesn't feel like much of a living. No, no, no. So how many books have you written? So this is the sex book. And I think the last I was on here in August. But the last time I was on here for a book was I wrote a book called the war on football, which delved into the controversies with concussions and other controversy surrounding football in. So that was the last one I did. And this one is obviously in a very different topic than that. So what the topic that you've written this entitled cult city? Jim Jones Harvey milk in ten days that shook San Francisco I remember this vividly and many of our audience will remember this vividly as well. But for those in the audience whose memories are a little foggy maybe for those in the audience who were not around at the time, we go back forty years. It's November next month is November of two thousand eighteen and when is the anniversary of this horrific massacre. So November eighteenth November eighteenth. I know exactly where I wasn't November eighteenth nineteen seventy et Al explained that later on during the hour. I don't know if you can remember where you were exactly on that day. But you certainly know explain to the audience, let's set this up James Jones, Reverend Jim Jones. Is he actually a Reverend who was he sort of a self made Reverend? He no he was actually a Reverend when he he did a sort of a a biographical sketch of himself an autobiographical sketch, and he explained to his followers of the people in the room that you know, he thought how can I demonstrate my Marxism, and he said the thought was to infiltrate the church, and so he may be trying to impress his followers at that point who were socialists, and Jim Jones is probably the the worst authority on Jim Jones because he was a liar. But he made the point to tell us his people close to him that from the very beginning. His whole object was to promote Marxism was to promote socialism and use the ministry as a means to do that. He certainly was doing that by the nineteen seventies. Now, whether he was doing that in the nineteen fifties and the nineteen sixties, you know, to one extent has deigned minister from somewhere guy that got became a minister he was he was an ordain minister. Okay minister. All right. So he. Again, have read portions of the book, I learned about a lot about Jim Jones a tough time. San Francisco's had some tough times. You mentioned Harvey milk. Harvey milk was a is an alderman in San Francisco, essentially, boy, he's on the board of supervisors the supervisors. Okay. And he happened to be gay, and he gets involved here in this book a little bit, but subsequent to the massacre in Jonestown milk was assassinated. That's right. And it was the mayor San Francisco, and the initial thought was that Jim Jones is evenging angels had come back to San Francisco to finish their work and very quickly that thought evaporated upon the new, you know, when Dianne Feinstein announced everyone that Dan white was the suspect there's a lot in the book on Dan white. That's never been talked about before he had a violent history prior to what he did. He was also on the board of supervisors crackle. So Dan, Dan, white and Harvey milk were elected in nineteen seventy seven. They were sort of like a new wave a politician in San Francisco over the years. There has been a almost a caricature portrayed both white and milk where we're milk kind of comes into the book aside from the fact that obviously these two assassinations happen these two events happened. So close to one another is that he was a supporter of Jim Jones. And a lot of people don't realize that that a lot of the folks in San Francisco and even nationally Jim Jones was not some fringe figure. He was not, you know, like Charles Manson street person type guy he was selling that was very much in the in crowd so much. So that the mayor of San Francisco, George Mosconi appointed him to the housing commission, San Francisco and he quickly became with mccown. What's going to support the chairman of the housing commission in San Francisco, which pretty scary thought when you think of how he treated his tenants in Jonestown that this guy is essentially the largest landlord in the city of San Francisco, you don't see. That with other people whose names are set in the same breath people like Ted Bundy or Charles Manson, this guy was very much in the establishment in San Francisco. And it says something about that city in that decade. It was sort of the hangover after the high. You know, you had the summer of love Haight. Ashbury Haight Ashbury, all that stuff that was going in the nineteen sixties, and that was a whole lot of fun. And then all of a sudden, you have the hangover, and it's not so much fun. You have the semi's Liberation Army and the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, you have this group called the new world Liberation Front. That is putting bombs they put a bomb on the on the window sill of Dianne Feinstein. They would send candy to different office holders. And it'd be bombs in the Russell Stover candy box. There were weathermen hiding out. There was obviously the zodiac killer. The zebra killings. There's all sorts of craziness going on in the nineteen sixties into this Stu calms people's temple at one to two things you forgot they were to press. Assassination attempts on Gerald Ford. By was it Sara Jane Moore one of the net job? I was the one in San Francisco. Right. And then there was one Sacramento by squeaky fry squeaky fromm, which Sacramento's not that far from short Cisco northern California. So it was a wild wild time. And of course, San Francisco still has immense problems today. But what I want to come back to is the central figure Jim Jones who eventually would lead was it three hundred or more. This is nine hundred and eighteen people that were killed including Jones, including Jones. It was a mass suicide in these re people who were poor who had basically given everything everything to this guy who portrayed himself as a messiah and who people believed in. It's an amazing story. It's an amazing book called city. Jim Jones, Harvey milk and ten days that shook San Francisco. I did not recall that the assassinations followed so closely on the Jonestown massacre. Sure that was that was nine days later, and I think history the history that's told is the Dan white killed Harvey milk because he was gay. I got very hobby milk was because Harvey milk was gay. I got a much more complicated version told to me one of the guys I spoke to was Dan White's campaign manager chief of staff and business partner. He's he's gay, and we're gonna get to all of that. We're going to take a break. My guest in studio. Dan, Flynn, if you have recollections or memories, are you wanna ask any questions about one of the most disgraceful chapters in American history a chapter which has to some extent been forgotten, but it has been revived and resurrected by author Dan Flynn in his new book called city just out today. Six seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. I have a connection to this story album. It is a very distant connection to the story. But I'll share that with you. And if those of you who want to share your memories of the Jonestown massacre would love to hear from you as well. You know, the numbers coming back on nightside. Nightside.

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