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And wondering what the follow up was as you pointed out yesterday or if there ever was one, I find very intriguing because I really don't think he was sitting there trying to brag about crunch culture. I think he's too smart for that. Dan Houser, smart dude, and in a company where there's already been this two thousand ten reporting, which was eight years ago. I don't think he wanted to ignite a firestorm of controversy and just rub everybody the wrong way. If you wanna talk about from rockstar, Dan Houser is SIMS. Worst case scenario thing of talking to the press, welcome to it. You know, I mean, we talked about it yesterday where Patrick legs article mentioned the fact that it's very rare for any of the house or either house for talk and you. Interesting. I wonder why right? And here it is right week before red dead. There wanna just ride this wave have their launch trailer out, like I did today and be are great, and instead they have to, they're living this. PR nightmare. Yeah, I am somewhat frustrated by that. And the reason for that is I think I've been watching a lot of west wing lately. Sure. Watch the west. A while, haven't watched it in a bit, but good show. One of the things I live at the west wing, the White House, press secretary CJ, correct? Yes. Of course. Her job Allison Janney every day get up in front of group of people that are there to report the news but are also there to make sure they get the juicy stories. If CJ miss speaks for a second. It becomes national news for weeks in barris, the president in barris. The good intentions of the president. Sometimes CJ says things she just shouldn't say for batteries ins. But most of the time when CJ screws up, it's a matter of saying something that could possibly be taken differently than was intended. There's no universe for Dan Houser wanted to sit down and be like, see how hard we all work and this is what our companies about because we don't care about crunch. That's not what he meant. Yeah, but that's what the narrative has very quickly become..

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