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Seven to ninety seven six mortar, Stephen Smith show before Kamilo Alvarez Oscar de LA Hoya. And then you Jacob come on to start off our number two in a minute. If you missed my opening statement, go check it out on demand and Stephen Smith podcast brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking or for an accounts with no fees minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. Hey, what's in your wallet? It at eight say ESPN more Tacoma. Stephen ESPN radio is in this. Guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen with show podcast. They're not made it back to the show. ESPN radio. News coming to you live from south rec- district. Seventeen is being brought to you by chase. Also, get triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell v. Power nitro plus premium gasoline J to win. Eleven pro bowls fifteen years franchise leading reception receiving ause, the more games two hundred and thirty nine play the more consecutive games. Two hundred thirty six started more games two hundred twenty nine and started more consecutive games. One hundred seventy nine than any play in Cowboys history. In return, it he'll have the longest service time with the organization as well. As sixteen years, quote, the fire inside of me to compete and play. This game is just burning too strong. This team has a great group of rising young stars. And I wanna help them make run at the championship. This was completely my decision. And I am very comfortable with it. I'm looking forward to getting back in the dirt as Jason win. Philadelphia. Eagles New York Giants Washington Redskins. What you do? That's just the NFC east. I bring in and he conference the play our number two up nex Kamilo. Our is Jacob's house. They Hoya come right at you. Just a sample of what you'll hear on the Stephen. Swift show weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app..

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