Leeson, Josh Norman, Judy Bellenger discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


I that is wayne newton hockey correspondent giving us all of his hockey knowledge what else you got in the club i don't know that here henry iv it i don't know these people this is the analysis of one henry avid true by air i don't know who else in the club would you take paint cuts equals town town pick that's going too far all right leeson loves women thinks they should be equally paid but now what i'm clear what okay i heard you know all right i'm sorry to argue with you i mean just a couple of dollars maybe to give to the women just a couple of dollars no no no no that's gone too far in the club oh shop ground win this game why don't we ask josh norman what he thinks that saw wealth in the club judy bellenger citing it enough the surfer palm tree that's advertising baseball palm tree high teeth pretty chill here palm tree is.

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