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But is a whole show. was that. Tax around then like Felker's each wanna really trying to help you on, wanted to get to the bottom. Two hours of the show well histories an example Mike would have run out of steam at some. Money. Off Hold and put them back out. So I didn't know it was getting on the the answer. I'm sorry. Let me. Even choice. Authentic Mountain Jewish right. there. You don't get that every day like. Troy. Authentic Mountain gibberish. That even. Man Felker's losing it. And she's I think that might be because I've thought a lot about this. The only thing I can think of is fun house kind of goes after them once in a while now. Yes. So maybe when he realized what it was that was him trying to be the opposite of Francesa and like I don't. Now, now he's now he doesn't I'll give him that he authentically doesn't care. All right. Then he might be the next France. He is he was gonNA gray with them, but he is like humorless just here we go. Next call I mean. Would have on Pearl I mean if you're if your ratings are working, right don't cashing those checks. Change. Anything. I should have thought of that. Might Get Their. Race Sammy look the Celtics are ready to get five back in the finals here a couple of breaks the bucks look shaky nice and easy million dollars. Yes. That's true. Well, Hey. Any other calls? Yeah. Yes. We had one year old station. A weaker endorse Moore..

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